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Fachhochschule Salzburg
Salzburg, Austria


University description (as per official university website)

Vision and Values

The academic leadership of the FHS (Principal and Managing Director) and sponsorship (Commerce and Labor Salzburg) have set a 2005 Vision process in motion, values, duties and aspirations describes.

Sense of the vision process, the binding and constitutional definition of what the FHS is characterized by a period of five years as a major educational institution.

The institution of the process, every staff of the FHS, represented by the university administration.

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences has "SALT"social, avant-garde, performance and future of their common values enshrined.


The mission of the University of Salzburg was developed by representatives of the teaching and FH services together.

The Leibild manifests the basic orientation of the Fachhochschule Salzburg:

Fachhochschule Salzburg guaranteed quality
Fachhochschule Salzburg developed potentials of their students and employees
Fachhochschule Salzburg leads to success through knowledge

FH Salzburg in review

The course Telecommunications Equipment & Systems beginning in Salzburg-Itzling.
The study wood technology and timber industry began in kitchen.
The course MultiMediaArt begins in Salzburg-Itzling.
The degree program for Information Technology & Management begins in Salzburg-Itzling.
In the summer, move the university of applied sciences degree programs in the building complex TechnoZ in Schillerstrasse 30th
In autumn, the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce takes the FHS as sole shareholder.
The courses for Information Technology & Management and telecommunications equipment & systems are added to an in-service branch.
The course Digital TV & Interactive Services begins in Salzburg-Itzling.
The part-time degree course in Tourism Development & Management begins in Salzburg-Klessheim.
The course design & product management starts in kitchen.
From 1 January are the courses in Salzburg Kuchl and united in a society.
In the fall, the course begins building design - wood in kitchen.
At the end of the academic year at the courses MultiMediaArt and Information Technology & Management in the next approval phase.
IWM is under the name Business & Information conducted.
In early October to begin the construction of the "Campus Fachhochschule Salzburg-Urstein.
In mid-October will open the new college building for the three courses in Kuchl official.
The course Digital TV & Interactive Services is a new Digital TV.
Unanimously, the College of Applied Sciences Salzburg, 22 October 2004, former Vice-Chancellor Dr. Erhard Busek Rector of the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg elected. Dr. Busek was exactly ten years as Federal Minister for Science and Research quite instrumental in the founding of the Austrian Fachhochschule involved before.

Study Technology & Telecommunications Systems is new information technology and systems management.
Since 1 March 2005 and hold the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Labour of 50% of the shares at the Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH
Fusion of Salzburg University of Applied Sciences degree courses in March 2005: to date by the Salzburg Chamber of Labour-led study social work is part of the higher education offered in the FHS.
October 2005: University of Salzburg covers the campus Urstein.
Expansion of the competence field Social & Health: With the start of the academic year 2006/07, starting four health science programs - Biomedical Science, midwives, Orthoptics and Physiotherapie. Occupational therapy and radiology technology start in 2007.
MultiMediaArt, Design & Product Management, Digital TV and Innovation & Management in Tourism will begin in fall 2006 as a new bachelor's degree programs.
The course development and management of tourism offers is new: Innovation & Management in Tourism.
The College of FHS on 16 July 2006 Rector Dr. Erhard Busek re-elected. Vice Rector since 1 November 2006 FH-Prof. DI Dr. Gerhard Jöchtl.
Since September, the Economic and Social scientist Dr. Doris Walter , together with Mag Raimund Ribitsch the business of the Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH

End of March, the campus located Urstein dairy opened. It is home to the new program of Social Work and the Centre for Future Studies.
The study business management and innovation & systems management start in the fall for the first time as a bachelor.
The study, "Wood Technology & Forest Products" and "building design - wood" to Wood Technology and Wood with a bachelor's degree.
The course Innovation & Management in Tourism will be in Fall 2007 as a purely English multilingual course Innovation & Management in Tourism led and directed with his blocked periods of study for the seasons in tourism.
Groundbreaking for the Student Matador in July in Kuchl
Architectural competition and jury for the extension Kuchl in July 2007

March 2008: Opening Matador student on campus Kuchl
Groundbreaking for the new extension campus in June 2008 Kuchl
July 2008: The new Bachelor Degree Health & Nursing is developed
The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra in August 2008 was a guest on campus Urstein


August 2009: For the first time present the universities of Austria to the FH-Forum at the European Forum Alpbach.
Winter 09/10: Rector Dr. Erhard Busek as the owner holds a Jean Monnet Chair ad personam at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg lectures on the topic? dimension of Europe? with numerous guest speakers from business, media and scientific community.
Winter 09/10: The first Masters Information Technology and Systems Management, Design & Product Management and MultiMediaArt start.
Winter 09/10: The Health & Nursing offers the health sciences courses at FH Salzburg 7 now.
24/11/2009: On Campus Kuchl first is the university timber to passive house standards put into operation.

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