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Salzburg Management Business School
Salzburg, Austria


University description (as per official university website)

SMBS launches Executive MBA in English

With its range of high quality courses, SMBS - University of Salzburg Business School places itself at the top of the European vocational and advanced training market
In the autumn of 2010 three executive MBAs will commence in English:

Int. Exec. MBA General Management
Exec. MBA International Arts Management
Int. Exec. MBA Tourism and Leisure Management

The educational opportunities offered by the University of Salzburg Business School all correspond to our theme: education for leaders.

MBA General Management

Goals and Benefits
The "International Executive MBA in General Management" conveys, on an academic foundation, the analytical skills and the decision-making competence required for a successful career in General Management.

The study program "Executive MBA in General Management" aims to prepare prospective executives for their roles as decision-makers. This MBA program is therefore also aimed at executives seeking to enhance their skills with new methods and ideas. The participants should learn how to achieve the knowledge and skills that will help them to successfully take on leadership responsibility in the context of specialisation, globalisation, cost-oriented growth, and ethical and moral responsibility. Furthermore, with a dynamic focus on competence, knowledge and skills will be conveyed in order to effectively apply strategies in practice.

The MBA study program takes place on three continents in 6 different countries: Salzburg, Marburg, Moscow, London, Toronto and Shanghai. The unique locations offer great infrastructure with modern classrooms. They are part of an internationally-oriented concept.

Target groups
The course is particularly aimed at people who either already are in a leading position in General Management, or who are designated for one.
· Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Junior Executives
· People who see their future careers in General Management, and who would like to qualify themselves for international challenges via the knowledge transfer offered in the MBA-GM program
· Alumni of non-academic fields and branches of study seeking to gain high-quality further training in General Management
At a glance:

Start: 11th October 2010
End: Summer 2012
Teaching times: 9 modules in 4 semesters, in blocks, full-time
Venues: 5 different venues in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, China, and Canada
Costs: € 24,525.- (to be paid in 4 partial amounts)
Participation criteria: University or comparable degree, good English skills. Assessment interview for all applicants. Candidates will be selected by the course director.
Exams: Partial exams, Committee exam, Master Thesis
FIBAA accreditated
Graduation from this study programme results in the internationally renowned postgraduate degree of MBA in General Management, given by the University of Salzburg

Course director:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Walter Scherrer

Project manager:
Bakk. Norbert Gerner

Enrolment at:
Salzburg Management GmbH
University of Salzburg Business School

Schlossallee 9, 5412 Puch bei Salzburg, Austria
Tel: +43 (0) 676 88 22 22 33
Fax: +43 (0) 662 22 22 26 00

MBA International Arts Management


The comprehensive programme focuses on general management studies, combined with specialized modules which apply practical skills in the field of International Arts Management. It combines the teaching of leadership with the most up-to-date managerial skills required by the social and cultural challenges of the 21st century. The programme aims to help to bridge the philosophical gaps existing between artistic quality and economic necessities.


The MBA International Arts Management is conducted in co-operation with international partner institutions. The international approach of the programme is, amongst other aspects, provided by the venues of the MBA programme.

Whom we address

We address the next generation of leaders who want to be visionary and have passion for people, ideas, the unexpected, for challenges, the social game, the arts. The programme appeals to all those that have gained academic training within an arts discipline or professional experience. Evidence of professional experience will be carefully considered according to provisions of the admission procedure. The programme is also suitable for those who are dedicated to the arts but have gained academic training within a business discipline and are aspiring to change to arts management.

All at a glance

Programme Start: 11 October 2010

Duration: 2 years (8 modules)

First year: General Management (Salzburg, Austria)
Second year: Specialization in Arts Management (Chicago, London, Moscow and Salzburg)

Admission Standards: Academic degree OR a comparable relevant professional experience of 5 or more years

Course Language: English

Degree: MBA (International Arts Management) - awarded by the University of Salzburg

Int. Executive MBA Tourism and Leisure Management

Mission Statement and Targets

The ‘International Executive MBA in Tourism and Leisure Management‘ is a postgraduate master programme focusing on the tourism and leisure industry. It combines essential knowledge in general management with industry specific know-how and the tools necessary to manage a position of responsibility in the tourism and leisure industry successfully.

The programme covers all relevant disciplines of general management and specializes in the specific characteristics of the tourism and leisure industry in a unique way. Participants are prepared to take over positions of responsibility and to deal effectively with the challenges of a rapidly growing and constantly changing industry.

The course directors, Prof. Dr. Christian Laesser and Prof. Dr. Harald Pechlaner, guide the programme and its content. Their academic knowledge and practical experience ensure that the programme remains up-to-date and continues to evolve, thus keeping it at the forefront of tourism and leisure management training.


The international approach of the programme is, amongst other aspects, provided by the venues of the MBA programme which are located in four countries on two continents:

- Salzburg (Austria)
- London (United Kingdom)
- St.Gallen (Switzerland)
- Bozen/Bolzano (Italy)
- Vancouver (Canada)

Target groups

Target groups are professionals, employees, and entrepreneurs alike who are currently in or about to take over a management position in the field of tourism and leisure in areas such as:

- Hotel industry, hospitality, F&B

- Meetings, incentives, events, well-being, culture, sports, gambling

- Tour operations, travel agencies, transportation, cruise ship industry, tourism organisations

- Consulting, research, e-tourism, training, education

At a glance

Program Start: Autumn 2010

Duration: 4 terms with 8 modules (each lasting 8-10 days) over a period of 2 years

Venues: Salzburg (A), London (United Kingdom), St. Gallen (CH), Bozen / Bolzano (I), Vancouver (CAN)

Programme Fee

EUR 24,525.00 payable in four amounts of EUR 6,131.25. The stated amount is inclusive of examination fees and administrative costs. No taxes to be added (VAT) according to Austrian Law (USTBefreiung gem. §6, Zi.11 UStG).

Conditions of admission: Academic degree and 5 years practical experience or a comparable qualification, such as at least five years of professional experience including a minimum of three years of experience in a management position,

Course Languages: German & English

Degree: MBA (in Tourism and Leisure Management) - awarded by the University of Salzburg

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