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Universitat Jaume I
Castello de la Plana, Spain


University description (as per official university website)

What is the University Jaume I?

Universitat Jaume I is a public university, founded in 1991, which has just over 13,000 students, a volume that gives personalized attention to their students and be a university without overcrowding problems. Modern facilities in one campus facilitate the integration of students into university life.

University Jaume I
Universitat Jaume I is a public higher education and research, created in 1991, pursued the social, economic and cultural environment of their society through the creation and transmission of knowledge.

Jaume I University offers 31 degrees, subject to continuous evaluation plans, and has just over 13,000 students, a volume that allows you to give personalized attention to their students and be a university without problems of overcrowding. This is aided by a single campus, recently created attractive, allowing closer human relations, and is well connected to the city of Castellon the localities and the environment. In addition, your university has several towns surrounding area of influence: Castellon, Morella, Sagunto, Segorbe, Vinaròs and Vistabella del Maestre.

Quality teaching
Universitat Jaume I offers new programs and curricula, flexible and competitive. The curricula contain Traineeships for 100% of students enrolled taking place in companies and institutions. According to recent studies, one in four trainees are hired by the company performs and where 93% of graduates are currently working with the UJI. In addition, the Universitat Jaume I have named the style UJI ¿¿which emphasizes the practical training, the disciplines and the training of students. All students of the University Jaume I studied subjects of languages, new technologies and European history. The commitment to quality in teaching has been demonstrated by obtaining certification by AENOR three degrees, which will be extended to all educational offerings of the UJI. In addition, James and ahead of the European harmonization process with the launch of pilot programs to adapt the curriculum in all schools.

Competitive and connected with the environment
The University Jaume I is a competitive, dynamic institution, enterprising, and connected with their environment. The policy of quality management in all areas of the university, developing the strategic plan and formalize its policy on corporate image and communication, University Jaume I endorse as an organization committed to quality and management transparent and participatory, with a strong social commitment with the environment. The result of this commitment, through the Open Campus program created their college with the goal of bringing the university to the socioeconomic reality of their environment. University extension programs promote education and dissemination of culture, emphasizing intervention in the rural world. In addition, the Society of Friends and Alumni of the University Jaume I (SAUJI), with over a thousand members, is the permanent connection link between university and society. The James I is integrated in several university networks: Universia Group Compostela, Crue (Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities )..., and notable for being the headquarters of the Institut Joan Lluís Vives, a network of 20 Universities of the Catalan language area.

Evolution and research, key future
Universitat Jaume I is a pioneer in using new information technologies, aware that communication and creativity are the most important instruments of the future. The James I was the first Spanish institution to have a public web server ( and the first university to have a Centre for Education and New Technologies (CENT), which aims to research and advice in applying new technologies to improve the quality of teaching. UJI The university has become a pioneer in Spain in the implementation of teaching with multimedia installation, in all its classrooms, a computer and audiovisual equipment built into the table to improve teacher teaching and learning process. In addition, the Universitat Jaume I has been equipped with modern teaching laboratories that cover the demands in the field of communication and audiovisual technology, the provision of photo studios, video and television, radio and printing.

Universitat Jaume I devoted special efforts to research and development, aware of its importance in teaching quality and the actual interaction between university and society. Universitat Jaume I is among the first universities in Spain in obtaining external resources for research and development for teachers. The James and promote innovation and industrial R & D plan with a self-worth over 600,000 euros, and has promoted the creation of the Network Services ¿¿a set of services for the promotion of scientific and technological specific businesses around them.

Jaume I University hosts the Institute for Ceramic Technology (ITC), a world leader in terms of central research and development oriented industry the board.

International Relations
Universitat Jaume I has signed over 200 agreements of collaboration with universities and higher education institutions in Spain and abroad, especially Europe and America. The James and encourages international exchanges of students through the Socrates-Erasmus and other programs of the EU: Tempus, Alfa and Leonardo da Vinci for internships in companies. Also published, managed by the Office of International Cooperation and educational programs pertaining to student exchange with universities in the United States and Latin America. The James I has been a pioneer in Spain in promoting international Master of Studies for Peace and Development, organized by the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace, which annually brings together over one hundred students and teachers forty different countries.

The UJI offered programs and new curricula, flexible and competitive to ensure the autonomy of the student and professional staff and expand its possibilities of integration into the world of work.

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