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Universität Potsdam
Potsdam, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

Thinking and language, mind and brain. What perceives the human being? And how it stores it in memory? The cognitive processes of learning - anywhere else they are more present than at a university. Nowhere curiosity and cognitive search, imagination and creative spirit attack so far in advance as in academia.
The Potsdam Alma Mater has the mental capacity of the people granted a special status. The cognitive sciences in research and teaching, she created a first area of excellence, with whom she intends to establish itself internationally: a topical research field in which various disciplines network finely tuned.

In the twentieth year of existence, the University of Potsdam has been given within the traditional research landscape of Brandenburg state capital of a clear profile. Eight of the future challenges it bundled its competences:
The earth sciences study in the context of dwindling resources and the changing climate of the interactions between Earth's interior, Earth's surface and the climatic and biological processes in nature. As the global ecological systems change, biodiversity and natural resources affect, exploring the range profile Functional ecology and evolutionary biology.

The rapidly progressive climate change also brings the adaptability of plants to the fore. The plant genomics and systems biology questions the role of genes and the molecular and cellular networks, these processes in plant control. Materials for tomorrow's world growth in the field Functional Soft Matter. Here, for example, caused high-efficiency light-emitting diodes, solar cells and novel artificial muscles.

"The successful collaboration between the University
with the non-university research institutions
Potsdam, Germany to make a
unique location for science. "
Prof. Dr. Bernd Walz,
Vice President for Research and Young Scientists
Even in the social sciences shows the University Sharpness: The profile area of politics, administration and management , the control and management in government, business and civil society on a scientific basis. The coexistence of people of different backgrounds in a globalized world of the investigated area cultural meeting places. And the empirical sciences education to face the challenges of the knowledge society. New methods of teaching and learning are developed and tested practice in.
The eighth profile area, the complex systems, researched the organization in chaos. As they methodically oriented science is like no other suitable to combine the various disciplines that it was the investigation of cosmic structures, or cognitive processes in molecular systems.

As in the interior, so networked Potsdam, the University and externally. In the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the German Institute of Human Nutrition - both institutes of the Leibniz Association - and the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre has the international standing of university research partners found. With the Max-Planck-Institut for Molecular Plant Physiology, of Colloids and Interfaces and for Gravitational Physics and many other research institutions have close cooperation and joint professorships. Not least, the university is working with the two institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in the Science Park Golm , together, a research campus, on the borders of Germany to win wide renown.

Potsdam is the largest university in Brandenburg and the large number of non-university institutions as one of the most densely populated research areas in Germany. More than 8000 people work here already in science. is to create synergies, as obvious. The "pearls • Potsdam Research Network, a unique nationwide network of research institutions organized to the discourse on controversial issues and future areas of research and ties this particular young scientists a prior. To jointly implement ideas that will Pearls a platform for the acquisition of new research collaborations to expand. In a further step, the innovations from Potsdamer laboratories are transferred to the practice in as the country's economic and strengthen.

"The University of Potsdam is in the
Study research-based reform on teaching,
comprehensive quality assurance and
stepped innovative programs. "
Dr. Thomas Grünewald, Vice President for Teaching and Learning
As winner of the competition "Excellence in teaching" of the Donors' Association for German Science and the Standing Conference of Potsdam, the University consistently its approach to improve teaching in order to: The program "Junior Teaching Professionals" are doctoral students, the teaching with regard to their own research exciting and vivid shape. The "Senior Professionals" model qualified teaching appointments and post-docs for the development of curricula. Experienced researchers bring this expertise in the training of university teachers an their. The "Online Panel helps students" as a non-bureaucratic procedures, the evaluation tools to further develop the quality assurance.

The University of Potsdam is a vibrant community of teachers and learners. Researched and developed flow directly into the teaching and the students feel the dynamics of their academic subjects. You do also, that their study of a permanent quality control assessment. Modular courses and associated exams allow the students a successful and speedy conclusion.

The revised Bachelor's degree input phase is structured with an international studies and a targeted counseling increasingly linked. That builds the University of their international relations from. The study opportunities at the more than 30 European partner universities are increasingly compatible with those of Potsdam.
The ensuing master's degree and doctoral programs are more internationally. Contacts are good at it, inter alia, the Romanists to the University of Paris Ouest-Nanterre/La Defense and the economists at universities in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In future alliances emerge further, such as with the Earth Sciences in the emerging German-Turkish University in Istanbul.
An added incentive to pursue scientific careers, the experience, especially gifted by her studies in the research are included already during the promotion and can end with. To support the students and the quality of their work to improve the technical, faculty, the University of Potsdam, Graduate School established the Research Campus in Potsdam for young professionals from home and abroad even more attractive to.

"The University of Potsdam is no ivory tower.
We will ensure that research
quickly flow into the practice and
support our students
to move into working life or
during planned start-ups. "
Prof. Dr. Dieter Wagner,
Vice-President for Knowledge and Technology Transfer
In the sensitive application period for the study or promotion helps career service to career orientation. Here acquired key skills help students transition into the workplace. Internships and contacts to companies in industry and government will be taught.
Graduates with business ideas have the support of start-up service at the university, the Institute for creation and innovation BIEM CEIP is worn. For years, the University of Potsdam in the national founder ranking top position front seats, even the first time in 2009. A visible sign of success is the Go: Incubator in Golm, a business incubator, business ideas can mature into.
For the knowledge and technology , the university can also profiled a subsidiary, the UP Transfer GmbH, fall back on. It helps, of research into practice to transfer innovations.
More and more shows that we can study not only in Potsdam, but also finds good employment and career opportunities.

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