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Universität Leipzig
Leipzig, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

Mission statement of the University
Tradition of Crossing Boundaries

The University of Leipzig was founded in 1409. Throughout its history, it experienced ups and downs, and developed a wide range of subjects, nearly all scientific areas, including special accents in the humanities and natural sciences.

After extensive discussion, the University adopted in 2003 a mission statement that reflects their development in eight points as a classic, open-minded and full university influence their future work.

Study profile of the University of Leipzig
From A to Z African Studies Dentistry

As a classic full university covers the alma mater Lipsiensis the full spectrum of natural sciences, law, medicine, to a wide variety of humanities degree from.

After almost nationwide conversion to Bachelor and Master degrees, the University currently offers 100 different courses - from A to Z African Studies Dentistry. In addition to numerous consecutive Bachelor / Master degree programs include continuing education or master's and postgraduate courses and distance learning bid at this latitude in Saxony unique educational profile of Universität.Fächerübergreifende doctrine, modern equipment, one of the oldest and largest university libraries in Europe, dedicated and experienced teachers and also a city by the time students can be unforgettable - all this speaks for a study at the second oldest university in Germany. Currently about 30 000 young people are enrolled, including about 2,700 from abroad.

Facts about history

The 600-year history of the university is told here by the main facts from six centuries. A detailed chronicle of the University will be available here.

Wax seal imprint of the university from 1409
Establishment of the University of Leipzig Prague masters and scholars

Leipzig Disputation on the Pleissenburg: The dispute between the altgläubigenTheologen John Eck and the Reformers Luther, Melanchthon, Carlstadt and marks the beginning of the break between Rome and the Lutherans

With the introduction of the Lutheran Reformation in Albertine Saxony, especially since 1543 a new chapter in the University history. The work of the rector of the prestigious humanist Caspar Borner and Joachim Camerarius comes in the following years, a new foundation of the same university.

Creation of a university library, particularly from monastic book stocks

Confirmation Bull of Pope Alexander V issued on 19 December 1409 at Pistoia.
The handover of the former Dominican monastery as "Collegium Paulinum" by Duke Maurice of Saxony and other additional material subsidies make Leipzig one of the richest universities in the Old Kingdom.

The first scientific journal in Germany, the "Acta Eruditorum" appears in the fair city, following numerous magazine projects reaffirm our leading position as the center of Leipzig's Central European Book Trade.

As the first professor of obstetrics takes Johann Gottfried Christoph Jörg managing childbirth education (Triersches Institute "), of which the Women's University developed

Opening of the Institute of Experimental psychology - the first of the World - by Wilhelm Wundt

Formal inauguration of the new-designed Arwed Rossbach Augusteum on Augustusplatz

Women are the first time in Leipzig and thus relatively late admitted to the program after the first time in 1870 women could enroll as observers

First Chair of Brain Research in Germany

On 10 December Werner Heisenberg gets for the year 1932 the Nobel Prize for Physics awarded retroactively.

The destructive rebuilding the University Corporation University of allegiance to the Nazi party dictatorship paralyze the spiritual life. Professors, students and employees to be dismissed for political reasons, and racial ideology, persecuted, imprisoned or killed. World War II brought in its wake even mass death and destruction to Leipzig. The university is destroyed to 60 percent, professors and students die in the air war, or at the front - Leipzig loses its international connections. At war's end are intact of 103 university buildings only 16th 87 were totally destroyed or no longer usable.

Reopening of the university in the former Capitol cinema

To set an icon for the new ideology of science in the GDR, SED decides to rename one of the Leipzig University, "Karl-Marx-Universität Leipzig. For the first time and contrary to its tradition, the university receives so magisterial imposition by one name.

Blasting the partlydestroyed Augusteum and of the bombing of Leipzig University Church of St. Pauli, still intact, to make way for a new building complex in socialist style

The political developments and demonstrations for freedom and civil rights also draw many members of the university to the streets of Leipzig. Soon it will also lead to political demands and intense debate in the university - the reform councils meet and debate the future direction of the university and the students establish a democratically elected Student Council.

After the political change and the German unit of the university takes its traditional name "University of Leipzig" again.

With a ceremony on 2 December at the creation of new institutions, the third by the Higher education reform were eliminated in 1968, the University returns to the classic structure back into faculties and institutes. Until 1994, created a total of 14 departments, among them those that it has in the history of the university never seen before. Steeped in tradition, Faculty of Agriculture is concluded, however.

Tender of an architecture competition for a new university building on Augustus Square. The rain continued debates about form and function of the central university building to show the identification of the Leipzig with "their" university. With the internationally renowned architect Erick van Eggeraat Finally, a mixture of new and historical memory for the design of the university building at the Augustus Platz found

600-year celebrations and the opening of the new campus in the heart of the city

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