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Universität Erfurt
Erfurt, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

University of Erfurt

The University of Erfurt is a liberal arts university with reform and socio-cultural profile. The close networking of Philosophical, Educational Research, State Scientific and Catholic Theological Faculty and the Max-Weber-Kolleg, it proposes an innovative approach in teaching and research.

Pioneering studies, the technical competence and professionalism blend modern form of teacher training studies and the interdisciplinary "Fundamental Studiesdraw "from the University of Erfurt special. A mentor program and the very good relationship between teachers and students guarantee quality in teaching and training. Research groups and graduate schools permit from the University of Erfurt excellent research, the discipline of scientific cooperation on the international borders and is marked.

As one of the oldest and the youngest public university, the University of Erfurt in Germany by the waiver of tuition fees and certified family friendliness is excellent. The suburban campus makes it a living part of the country's capital, with its low cost of living and its extensive cultural and recreational offerings.


Reform university with an international focus
The University of Erfurt is the latest German university and also has a tradition going back to the Middle Ages. She took in 1392 as the third university in the area of modern Germany to the teaching, was closed in 1816 and refounded in 1994.

The University of Erfurt has developed since the recording of the teaching in the winter semester 1999/2000 a center of higher education reform in Germany. Interdisciplinary nature, an intensive care system, new concepts and study-study contents characterize her profile. The University of Erfurt has built up many contacts with universities in other countries. For their "care and integration approach" to foreign students, the University of Erfurt was the only German university to the "employer's price formation in 2001.

In a recent ranking (higher than) the Centre for Higher Education and the weekly newspaper Die Zeit, the University of Erfurt received several honors. In 35 subjects universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were tested. was ranked among other things, the new Technical Communication Sciences. There were five categories in the overall assessment of students, curriculum organization, mentoring, practical experience and reputation top marks for the Erfurt University. So many top entries were also only Munster and Hannover. Even in the social sciences, the University of the City of claim five times in front.

Unique Humanities Profile

Currently, the University of Erfurt about 5000 students enrolled in the four faculties. As a founding faculty had the Philosophical Faculty of the task, new ways of cultural orientation in the humanities and social sciences to be tested. This is reflected in the substantive and organizational design of the study offered the study of history of science, communication science, religion, science, literature, linguistics and philosophy reflected in.

In the Staatswissenschaftliche faculty study program, the study of law, economics, sociology and political science, the last two together as a social science, in an integrated offering. Under the umbrella of a faculty disciplines are related to each other so that mere addition of a specialized knowledge can create comprehensive knowledge of the place.

With the integration of the College of Education in the University of Erfurt is the Faculty of Education Faculty of the University added a third. It offers study of science education with different study topics as well as the study of teaching / learning and training to psychology. In addition, faculty in the School of Education, the courses for future teachers in primary schools, mainstream schools and vocational schools - sometimes in cooperation with other faculties or universities - held for.

The fourth is the Faculty of Catholic Theology Faculty of 1.1. The University was incorporated in 2003. The only training center for Catholic theology in the new states has had a more than 50-year tradition as an independent university back. Currently about 200 students for the Diploma (which will be converted to Bachelor-/Mastersystem that also coming soon) or lehramtsrelavanten study enrolled a. Part of the graduate student's goal is to later become a priest.

A special feature of the University of Erfurt is the Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies dar. The College is a specialist central institution for research and teaching and is characterized by a particular organization, the combination of the Center for Advanced Study, Research and Graduate School is in. It started its teaching and research in 1998 and to schedule after three years in April 2001 the first PhD graduates successfully discharged.

In three years at the Bachelor

The University of Erfurt, the current international awards degrees BA and MA, the BA undergraduate degree program is structured counseling. It includes a one-year orientation phase and a subsequent two-year qualification period. The choice of subjects may be made free of the faculties. It is to choose a major and a Nebenstudienrichtung. In the study of a mandatory program is integrated fundamental, in which the students are in particular the humanities and social sciences common methodological and theoretical basic knowledge. The BA degree program is completed after three years with the degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA). This is the precondition for the inclusion of a further half years Magisterstu-medium (MA). In addition, the University of Erfurt in doctoral programs. Since the winter 2002/03, the University of Erfurt became the first German university, a scientific training in Public Policy, a two-year (charges) study that concludes with the degree Master of Public Policy (MPP).

New quality in teacher education

The implementation of the reform of teacher education at the University of Erfurt as one of the first German university has turned out well. It is the extension of the placement, the new forms of practical and theory and practice in relation to the courses are designed in a special way to the respective professional activities of the BA and MA degree programs teaching. The research aspect of training in the various fields of study and the in-process evaluation of the training of teachers are distinguishing marks of the Erfurt study model. An advisory board, which is composed of senior experts from the educational sciences and teacher education and by Prof. Dr. Hans Weiler of Stanford University (USA) directed spoke, the University of Erfurt in the spring of 2004, a three-year promotion and support of the innovative way for teachers to which, inter alia, characterized by the integration of all three phases of teacher education. In particular, the development of such important key skills such as teamwork, a high self-esteem professionsbezogene, interdisciplinarity and methodological skills for lifelong learning are taught in the Erfurt Program "childhood education" or the rule BA-/MA-Studiengängen for future school teachers.

Optimal conditions for studying

The University of Erfurt is a campus university, the direct and to the city center with the integration of the existing building stock of the former Erfurt University of Education was set up connections conveniently. The construction of a modern library was transferred to the beginning of the winter 2000/01. In it there are currently some 700,000 volumes, mostly on open access, are kept. The "scientific circles" - the famous collection of manuscripts of the medieval University of Erfurt - supplemented the modern book collection of the University Library. Since 1999, including the Gotha Research Library to the University Library Erfurt. The library collection includes Gotha 530 000 volumes, including 6500 Western and 3,500 oriental manuscripts of a great theme with latitude. The University of Erfurt intends to research and Landesbibliothek Gotha to an international research center for the old book off the build up.

The Family Friendly University

The University of Erfurt, Thuringia received in September 2005 as the first university, initiated by the Hertie Foundation Certificate "Family-School". With the certificate, the actions of the University and the Studentenwerk Erfurt / Ilmenau for the creation of family-friendly climate have been recognized on campus. These include flexible working hours, childcare for children over two years in the nursery on campus, children's meals for children in the student cafeteria, part-time courses and the establishment of the endowed chair nationwide unique family science. The University of Erfurt in Germany is the university with the largest proportion of women. Around 72 percent of students are women, the proportion of female employees in science is 38 and in supporting scientific field at 72 percent.

Various cultural and sports

In addition to studying science and Erfurt, the university site, but also a diverse student culture to offer. The student clubs Castel Sant'Angelo and unique cultural activities are among her well on how different the University supported by and in cooperation with the University of society organized series of lectures and readings by renowned writers and artists, and the University Orchestra and Chorus. Finally, the university sports club an attractive leisure program for all students in Erfurt. They range from beach ball on ice to water skiing on the beach north of Erfurt. The University of Erfurt "Partner for Competitive Sports." Erfurt known athletes - such as the cycling champions René Wolff - which will offer optimum conditions, which allow to combine study and competitive.

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