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Universität der Künste Berlin
Berlin, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

The University of the Arts

The Berlin University is one of the largest, most versatile and most traditional artistic institutions in the world. The course of the four faculties of Arts, Design, Music and Performing Arts and the Central Institute for training includes courses in over 40 the whole spectrum of arts and sciences related to them. The doctoral and postdoctoral law, the University of Arts Berlin also is one of the few art colleges university status in Germany.

Artistic excellence

The heart of the Arts Berlin is the art training. Excellent occupied professorships in all departments as well as the continuous development of teaching concepts will help to ensure the high level of artistic and artistic-scientific education at the University of Arts Berlin and improve continuously.
Almost all studies of the Berlin University are in a centuries old tradition. merged in 1975 in the then College of the Arts (HDK), they have evolved from individual colleges to networked faculties. Without going into their artistic and creative disciplines compromises, they allow through interdisciplinary projects, joint theoretical approaches and the strengthening of scientific areas an overall view of the arts. The Berlin University gives its students so already at an early stage in the protected area of study the opportunity to deal with other forms of art and to experiment in order to recognize the limits of the discipline and expand.

Inter-University Centres

The Berlin art schools combine their potential in two inter-university centers: The Jazz-Institut Berlin (JIB), which brings together the students and teachers of the Arts Berlin and the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler, and the Dance Education Centre (HZT). The latter not only connects Berlin University and the Academy of Dramatic Art, Ernst Busch, but linked by the co-operation with TanzRaumBerlin with free professional dance scene in Berlin.

Teacher Education

In addition to the study of liberal arts and the music is a Berlin University the opportunity to study the subjects of music and visual art teachers. Apart from the artistic core subject the prospective teachers to study in Bachelor / Master structure of a scientific secondary subject at one of the other universities of Berlin. University of the Arts Berlin is the only university in Berlin, which forms of art and music teachers. The proficiency tests are mainly artistic entrance exams, the training takes place in classes that are composed of students of fine arts, and from student teachers together.

Research and artistic and creative development
Research at the University of the Arts describes a wide field: from the classic research in the sciences related to the arts, the application-on (contract) research, through to artistic and creative experiment.
In numerous industry partnerships, including with Deutsche Telekom, the Fraunhofer Institute and Siemens creative and outstanding research potential are linked.
The research success of the Arts is not only measurable in the successful products and processes and the many businesses, but research also in the many co-financed by the German Research Foundation project, how about the first of the DFG funded graduate school at a German University of Arts "Practice and theory of artistic process "(1998-2005).
Following on from that, the Berlin University is developing a graduate school for the arts and the sciences. The postgraduate and transdisciplinary and international qualification program promotes dialogue between the arts and sciences and is aimed at outstanding teachers and graduates of all artistic and scientific subjects.

Training for cultural and creative industries

Thanks to their excellent artistic and creative education leave annually around 600 potential freelancers or entrepreneurs, the university - this is the engine of a Berlin University of Arts Culture and Creative Industries in Berlin. To shape the careers of its graduates and creative, University of the Arts has launched a strategic training initiative and developing policies to support business start-ups:
Created in 2007, the Central Institute of Education (ZIW) combines the training of the Arts Berlin and selected offers from other art institutions in Berlin. The range currently comprises six continuing education master degree programs, summer schools and certificate courses. By intensive research the Occupational ZIW other innovative activities opens up in the creative and cultural industries.
In addition, informs and advises the Career & Transfer Service Center (CTC) of the Berlin University students and graduates of art schools in Berlin about their prospects in the labor market and the way to independence.
With the aim to strengthen the sustainable development of labor and retain young, educated, creative and culture-people in the city, University of the Arts developed new ideas, together with various partners, a concept for a "founding Creative Campus."

International Networking

By complex relations, the Berlin University is an excellent international network. Overall, the Berlin University maintains over 130 international university partnerships, over 800 foreign students - which is about 20% of all students - are currently enrolled at the university. Annually spend more than 100 students at the University of Arts Berlin part of their training through exchange programs abroad. Priorities of international cooperation, the University of Arts Berlin is the one in the exchange of students and teachers, but also in higher education policy discourse with leading international art and music.

Venue UdK

With over 500 events each year, the Berlin University is an important cultural events in Berlin. Almost daily, the students of the Arts in Berlin are exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, recitals, readings, lectures and presentations to the public. In the Arts Theatre's own UNI.T see the drama, dance and musical students their work, and the two major concert halls of the Berlin University to give room for the university orchestra and numerous concerts of different musical directions. In addition, the Berlin University cooperates with central cultural institutions in the city such as the German Theatre, the Maxim-Gorki-Theater, the Komische Oper Berlin, the Berlin Festival, the House of World Cultures, the Jewish Museum Berlin, the Museum of Communications and many others.
The event's highlight of the year, the Festival of Music "Crescendo!" Presented in the May / June, where the faculty's the whole range of their musical spectrum, and the "tour". Here, the Berlin University opens at the end of the summer for three days their studios, classes, rehearsal rooms, studios and workshops. Every year, more than 10,000 art and culture interested visitors the opportunity to the young artists to look over the shoulder.

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