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Humboldt-Universitšt Berlin
Berlin, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

Mission Statement of Humboldt University, Berlin

First humanity and science. founding and rise of the Humboldt-University are the building the whole man power of scientific work carried by. This life is the expectation of a humanization of social connected. Despite all the setbacks, there is still no better motive, if the growth of knowledge and the future of education is about.

2nd Lingering reform impulse in the sign of excellence. The Humboldt University was reform university in a situation of crisis created as to outstanding scientific achievements responsibility to allow its own knowledge and social development by promoting critical. Even after two hundred years, this is a lasting legacy. Who works here is the will and the ability through our own services to increase the knowledge and use it responsibly to secure.

3rd Social responsibility and cultural presence. The occupation of the Humboldt-Universitšt their tradition is also conscious of its culpable involvement in politics. In her story, find government bondage sized arrogance, political folly and inhuman teaching and research. At its darkest chapters include the book-burning, and participation in the persecution and expulsion of its members. Against this background, the Humboldt University sees itself since the beginning of their self-renewal in the year 1989 as an institution for distance to political and social power has decided to be critical. It objects to any form of discrimination, intolerance and cultural self-aggrandizement.

4th unity of research and teaching. universities in the world based on the Humboldt shaped by the ideal of unity of research and teaching. These include the transfer of knowledge from the spirit of inquiry and the idea of the research-teaching. Students and teachers are critical engagement with the knowledge that is available and in active collaboration on the expansion of knowledge by combining. Therefore promotes the Humboldt University, the social and communication skills of their members and supporting their own initiatives.

5th Science required. The study at the Humboldt University requires an active engagement with knowledge. This includes the employment of the conditions and consequences of knowledge with one. Therefore, the aim of the study is not alone in an outstanding professional competence, but also in the formation of a personality, the reliability of power will, their own initiative and combines scientific curiosity. Allen must be clear that they help shape the study of science and society are already doing. Students therefore have the right and the duty to take responsibility - not only in the government, but also in teaching and research.

6th innovation in teaching and learning. Lectures require the constant focus on the findings of science and the demands of society. The critical revision of contents and forms of study is thus the understanding of the Humboldt University. Trusting in the joy of independence and development of teachers and students it has room for a variety of learning and teaching. The length-scale reform of the research on learning can only succeed if the prestige of teaching is growing.

7th research as the lifeblood of the university. The impetus for research is the innovative force of every science. Research makes knowledge alive, and calls at the same time it allows a creative and fertile cross the boundaries of disciplines and institutions. As a site of research lays the Humboldt University of greatest importance to the preservation of their knowledge and research. Only the presence of the natural and social sciences, medicine and the social and cultural studies to ensure the indispensable interdisciplinarity.

8th of young talent. personal responsibility and autonomy to all members with their performance after. Young scientists offers the Humboldt-University early opportunities for independent work in research and teaching. From the difference of generations arises the potential for scientific self-renewal. The Humboldt University of ensuring that parents, study and research are compatible with each other.

9th equality of the sexes. Equality between women and men in science and society is a priority of higher education and practical concerns of the Humboldt University. Accordingly, they make every effort to fairly distribute the opportunities and the skills of women in teaching, research and Administration to use and promote. It sets the modern tools for equality on all levels and strengthen the women's and gender studies in science.

10th resources, funds and graduates. The Humboldt University opens up additional resources to building their own funds and a range of instruments aimed at promoting activities in teaching, research and teaching. It maintains contact with their supporters and gives them opportunities to participate in social and scientific life of the university. She maintains contact with its graduates, and extends it to a stable network.

11th Academic self-organization. The self-renewal of the Humboldt University since 1989 shows that the right to autonomy can be implemented with performance. This is the greatest possible transparency in the work of the administration. In proportion to their constituents is the Humboldt University on the interaction of participation and responsibility of self-responsible in a constant process of reform. Guided by criticism and self she presents the evaluation of their work in research, teaching and administration.

12th international. For a first-class university is of international exchange in research, teaching and study a course. Because of its central location, usually the Humboldt-University traditionally strong links to North, Central and Eastern Europe. Today, it extends the dialogue not only to universities and research institutions of economic and industrial centers, but it also looks with those of the periphery of a Western-oriented field of view are on.

13th Cosmopolitan University. At the Humboldt-University meet different lifestyles and cultures meet. The large number of biographies creates a productive atmosphere, the university is the use of, the creative power to encourage each individual. It uses the stimulating environment of local and international environment to make the world aware of their obligation to the people and the environment to critically evaluate and act to change.

14th Berlin - a city of science. Who is coming to Berlin to study for, to teach and conduct research, higher education is diverse and richly structured before one. The Humboldt University is looking for the productive cooperation with its scientific, cultural and economic environment of their own work. With its artistic and scientific collections it seems even the life of the city back. The place of discussion with the company in Europe is it the function of a university in the center just.

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