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Fachhochschule Esslingen
Esslingen, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

Engineering, business, social and nursing are the pillars of the university campus. In the rankings of many business magazines and the study guide is the TIME top ten of the best technical colleges in Germany to see the. Around 5600 students are 11 faculties in 23 bachelor's and master degree programs in 12. The close networking of the university with industry associations and provides a high practical relevance. The students are at the three sites in Esslingen-City Center, Flanders Road and in Göppingen than 50 advanced labs available. The Hochschule Esslingen is the berufundfamilie gGmbH with the Audit "family-friendly university" approved.

The Hochschule Esslingen exist in their present form since the first October 2006. At that time the colleges in Esslingen - University of Applied Sciences (FHTE) and School of Social Work (HfS were merged). From this point on all diploma courses at the Bachelor's programs have been restructured, more consecutive master degree programs were added.

The roots of the College of Engineering (FHTE)
In 1868 was established at the Royal Württemberg in Stuttgart Baugewerkeschule a department for training mechanical engineers. The great interest meant that the capacity in Stuttgart soon pushed to the limits. Industrial development in Esslingen, a neighboring town, was the beginning of the 20th Already very advanced, especially in the field of mechanical engineering.

In 1914 the royal Württemberg Stuttgart construction school in the neighboring town of Esslingen was transferred to the studied 600 young people. In the years following, the range of apprenticeship electrical engineering, precision engineering, telecommunications, heating and ventilation has been extended. In 1938 the engineering school in the State Engineering School was renamed Esslingen. In January 1971, the engineering school, the colleges developed. In Esslingen was added at this time, the subject range the Departments technical computer science and industrial engineering. 1988 Göppingen, 33 km from Esslingen was removed, opened, on which the mechatronics was located.

In 1998 was established at the University of Esslingen, the first master's degree in International Industrial Management (MBA) at a German university. The following year, the Faculty Graduate School was established, united organization of the three English-language graduate programs.

The roots of the School of Social Work (HfS)

The former School of Social Work has its roots in Stuttgart. Founded in 1917, based on a foundation of Queen Charlotte of Württemberg, the Social Women's School of the Swabian women's association in Stuttgart. A second project of the foundation was founded in 1930, the youth leadership program. These institutions were merged in 1972 in the state university. In 1974 took place after the move from Stuttgart Esslingen. 1999/2000 was the subject range expanded to include nursing courses

The documents of Esslingen University and its predecessor bodies Ludwigsburg are up to the year 1868 in the State Archives archived


Natural Sciences

Business management


Graduate School


Information Technology


Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering

Social Work, Health and Care

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Natural Sciences

Faculty of Applied Science (AN)
modern laboratories and interesting programs:

The Faculty of Applied Sciences offers two bachelor degree programs at.
In the ranking of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) is replaced by the degree of Chemical Engineering / paint and varnish, CIB very good marks in overall rating of students in e-learning and the space and laboratory supply .
In this study highly qualified chemical engineers who have in the paint and coatings best job prospects are trained.

Since winter semester 2003/2004 there is a second bachelor 's degree, the biotechnology . This resulted from the cooperation with the city of Esslingen and the resident life-science center and is the labor market and the needs of the surrounding companies adapted. For the study four were completely new laboratories established and affiliated with the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The Faculty is continuing to specialize in two master 's programs possible. The degree Master of Science (MSc) - Applied Surface and materials science, OMM was in cooperation with the Aalen University for summer 2009 offered the first time. It is aimed at all those training in the field of surface finishing want to deepen their academic.

In another model of cooperation with the University of Nürtingen-Geislingen (HfWU) , Reutlingen University and the University of Stuttgart is a Master degree in environmental protection possible.

Business management

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Business Administration University of Esslingen!

The Faculty of Business Management is for outstanding interdisciplinary research and teaching. Dedicated professors characterize their employees prepare the faculty and almost a thousand students for the acquisition of management positions in the economy.

Economics Bachelor's degree in Esslingen
• International Technical Management (Bachelor of Science)
• Industrial Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)

Economics Bachelor's degree in Göppingen
• International Engineering Management (Bachelor of Engineering)
• Information Systems (Bachelor of Engineering)

Economics master's degrees at Esslingen
• Innovation Management (Master of Science)
• International Industrial Management (Master of Business Administration)


In the Faculty of Automotive Engineering, you will learn in the first three semesters of the general principles of automotive engineering. Then you choose one of the four majors drive, body, chassis and control systems, service. The training program was developed in close cooperation with the automotive industry to train competent, team-oriented engineers acting.

We offer practical courses and depressions in the forward areas of Fahrzeugtechik. From the virtual product development laboratory for durability. From handling course for vehicle diagnostics. From the body styling and engine and emissions testing stations. From the diesel motorcycle Brenstoffzellentechnik. From the drivetrain to suspension arrangements. From 'Formula Student' for tire measurement. And so much more ..

Graduate School

The Graduate School at the University of Esslingen offers masters programs in English.

MEng in Automotive Systems

MEng in Design and Development in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering

MBA in International Industrial Management

Information Technology

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Information Technology
the university campus.

The Faculty of Information Technology offers three accredited Bachelor's degree:


"Software Engineering and computer science media
"With main focus on media technology
"Specialisation and Software Engineering

»Technical computer science

with a Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.) to.

The Faculty of Information Technology, in cooperation with the Faculty of Automotive Engineering and the Faculty of Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering Master's program accredited English language:

Automotive Systems

with the degree of Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) to.

Organizationally, the Master of Automotive Systems
Faculty of Graduate School coordinates.

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