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Technische Universität Ilmenau
Ilmenau, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

The Technical University of Ilmenau, located in the 25,000-inhabitant town of Ilmenau in the north slope of the Thuringian Forest, offers as a small university for its students and staff convenient conditions for study and work, what their big sisters can not necessarily hold. Short distances, small seminars and lectures, the possibility of personal contact between students and teachers, and effective networking of scientists are only some of them. Many students, cultural and sports clubs and initiatives in and outside the university to invite you to an individual well-being. Overall, we see ourselves as a cosmopolitan campus family.

At the TU Ilmenau renowned teaching and research scientists. Your achievements are groundbreaking in many areas of life today is no longer zudenken away. It include the development of the MP3 format, a powder, which protects against electromagnetic radiation, the most accurate balance in the world - the Superkomparators, the world's unique scientific large appliance to study the fine structure of turbulence - the so-called "Ilmenau barrel", a Ultra-wideband technology, which can be used eg for locating persons or verschütterter for mine detection, or an automated shopping assistant for retail stores.

We are proud both nationally and internationally on numerous partnerships with academic institutions and business enterprises. And last but not least is the close cooperation with the city of Ilmenau and the Gotha with its other regions, will shape the framework for the academic life at the Technical University to what constitutes the Technical University of Ilmenau.

The Technical University of Ilmenau is the only technological university of the Free State of Thuringia and is a long tradition in the training of engineers in electrical and mechanical engineering. Today, their profile technology, science, technology and media. Five faculties currently offer 6,400 students a pioneering interdisciplinary program of 18 Bachelor and 23 Master's programs in engineering, mathematics and natural sciences and economic and social sciences.

The university is as a study site marked by an internationally recognized level of education, a high practical orientation, personal attention from professors and mentors, and student tutors. The credo of Ilmenau Engineering Education "early look outside the box" means students are already involved in research projects, internships in industry and complete deal with non-technical disciplines.

A modern campus with short distances and a very good social environment with a large number of student clubs, technical, cultural and sporting initiatives, it also marks out. The campus gym - one of the most modern sports facilities in Germany - can engage students and university employees an extensive sports facilities.
On campus, the university buildings are located next to the completely renovated dormitories of the Studentenwerk Thüringen. They offer around 2,000 people, almost one third of all students for accommodation in the center of teaching and research.
All other students will find in the city or a nearby apartment. Total is one of the most cost TU Ilmenau study sites in Germany.

The TU Ilmenau takes in selected areas of both the fundamental as well as in applied research and international leadership positions a national.

In recent years, six research clusters have been established:

Precision engineering and precision metrology
Technical assistance and biomedical
Drive, energy and environmental technology
Digital Media Technology
Mobile Communications
The work done in the interdisciplinary research clusters, that is, across the boundaries of the five faculties. The researchers are from many different projects with each other and connected to the regional, national and international industry.
In further research are devoted to scientists at the University on the subject solar technology, medical technology, image processing, Nanopositioning and nanomeasuring, magneto-fluid dynamics, optical technologies, new materials and materials for the automotive industry. Here are the Sonderforschungsbereich SFB 622 "Nanopositioning and nanomeasuring" and the Center for Innovation Competence "MacroNano" with the research groups "Microfluidics and Biosensors", "Functional Peripheral and micro plastic forms" and five graduate school and developed training. The material and technical basis for research work in the field of micro-and nanotechnologies will find at the Center for Micro-and Nanotechnologies (ZMN).

For the rapid release of the results of applied research into industrial applications, the active stimulation of spin-offs from the university and the university partners are raising new models of public-private partnership, with direct participation of the corporate law economic enterprises to realize. These include the "TU Ilmenau GmbH" and the "technology company Thüringen mbH & Co. KG. Both companies are successful the areas of scientific services, training and marketing work on.

Many years of scientific cooperation with countries of Central and Eastern Europe belong to the tradition of the University of Ilmenau. They are the basis for common student Ausbildunsgprojekte. From the close cooperation of the TU Ilmenau with the Moscow Energetic Institute (MEI) was a branch out in the Russian capital.
The attractiveness of studying in Ilmenau is by double degrees partner institutions around the world increases with. Due to existing contracts, it is already in Russia (Moscow), China (Hangzhou) and Peru (Lima) is a double degree be made to universities.
The network "we4you" intensive support, including foreign students and directed the International Summer Course for German Language, Geography and Culture from.
As a result of these various projects with Eastern European Parternuniversitäten, but also with partners in Western Europe, South America, Middle East and China now have a 10% international students are trained in Ilmenau. The scientific cooperation with universities and research institutes in the U.S., Western Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia, documenting the high level of TU Ilmenau home to the sciences.

The mission of the university provides its members and the public principles on which the University is based in scientific work and academic life.

"The TU Ilmenau is in the areas of engineering, mathematics and science, technology and media for teaching and research at the highest Niveau.Sie lays special emphasis on innovative teaching and Interdisziplinarität.Sie identifies with the Humboldt's ideals and pursuing the vision of a cosmopolitan campus Family. "

Our principles and values
The members and members of the Technical University of Ilmenau follow the principles of unity and freedom of research and teaching as well as the unit of teachers and learners.
Fundamentals of responsible teaching, research and development are the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, autonomy and self-capacity of the university and the peaceful, civilian use of scientific knowledge and the sustainable conservation of human resources.
The Technical University of Ilmenau is committed to full equality of opportunity and a favorable social and cultural environment. It represents the vision of a world family in the sense of a peaceful, cohesive and collegial life and respect all people regardless of their social and ethnic origin, their religious creed and sexual orientation.
The main idea of a campus family following the university stands by its special responsibility to all university members and university members.
The reconciliation of family studies and career, creating and sustaining health-promoting studies and working conditions and living internationality are key elements of university culture.
The trust and communication between all groups in the university is also seen as a very important part of this culture.
People with special physical, psychological or other life challenges, get help and support.

History and Development
The history of the Technical University of Ilmenau is the engineering education, particularly in the disciplines of electrical and mechanical engineering, shaped.
Building on this tradition provides a strong interdisciplinary approach between the engineering, natural sciences, social sciences and economics, the profile and development of the university.
It is their stated goal to rank among the best technical academic schools.
For their further development will the Technical University of Ilmenau win future outstanding personalities.
The close connection between tradition and innovation, a high level of commitment of the members and relatives as well as an excellent student support form the basis of sound science education.
All are required to actively and constructively participate in the development of the university.
The Technical University of Ilmenau is constantly one of the best possible working and study conditions and creates family-friendly, healthy and culturally-oriented measures, the conditions for a joint scientific work and academic life.
It also integrated the University of input from independent public figures and business.

Studies, education and training
Technology, mathematics and natural sciences, business and media are the pillars of Ilmenau training.
The quality of education is a top priority.
Here are the Technical University of Ilmenau measures on international top level of university education.
It offers its students attractive, research-based courses, which they demanded as a national and international, qualified responsible professionals and managers.
Since the conditions of work and the professional environment subject to constant change, the training in recognition of the principle of lifelong learning an integral part of university education '. To meet the expectations, the University committed to the promotion of vocational education and training of their members in line with the objectives of the university and expected active participation.
Study and academic training are characterized by partnership of teachers and students, supported by innovative teaching and learning.
The University promotes academic success through the effective organization of studies and planning, combined with the best possible physical study conditions and individual support and counseling.

Research is the foundation of a vibrant university teaching and further education, training of young scientists and the training of employees.
Basic and applied research, field tests to transfer into the economy and society are maintained and promoted equally.
The research is based on international and national as well as regional priorities.
The Technical University of Ilmenau developed their research based on profile lines, which are updated and time-structural.
You shall ensure a lively interaction between research and teaching.
Students and young scientists are involved early in the teaching and research activities.
The scientific publication activity is maintained as a testament to the quality of research and also as an important means of scientific exchange.

National and international networking
TU Ilmenau - the technical university in Thuringia has - an intensive academic and cultural dialogue with partners at home and abroad.
It is their actions would stimulate a responsible social, economic and cultural development of the city, the region, the Free State of Thuringia and the Federal Republic of Germany.The TU Ilmenau supports, supported by appropriate programs, international exchanges of students, professors, staff and employee and considers the scientific cooperation as one of their priorities.
By many measures it provides studies and working conditions that are characterized by common cross-cultural thinking and action, and build bridges between nations.
It also supports initiatives that serve the common understanding of the world population and the promotion of mutual respect and tolerance.

The Technical University of Ilmenau is committed to the model of the university group.
An efficient committee work and reliable service from all areas of management and operating units to support the teaching and research processes.
Openness and transparency, honesty and critical awareness, mutual respect and helpfulness are the values of the university, which should be reflected in all processes.
The Technical University of Ilmenau is working together its members, members and supporters to work constructively with the design of education and higher education policy in order to achieve the best possible conditions for study, teaching and research.
The integration of all groups of the University in decision making creates a basis of mutual trust and common coexistence.
It also promotes the cultural, sporting and social involvement and volunteer work of its members in the university environment.

Quality Assurance
The members of the University of striving for the best possible performance of work and participate in activities to maintain and enhance the quality using a quality management system.
The focus is on creating transparency, promotion of flexibility in terms of efficiency in the context of maintaining a high quality of research and teaching, including the necessary services.

The mission statement was at the meeting of the Academic Senate of the University of Ilmenau at 01 June 2010 agreed.

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