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Theologische Hochschule Reutlingen
Reutlingen, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

A modern university with a 150-year tradition

The study at the Theological University of Reutlingen is rooted in living faith, lives of liberated thinking and aims for the practice of active love. The state-recognized university gives the internationally recognized academic degrees Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts (MA) in Theology.

Scientifically sound and based on the practice, you can complete our study of theology in a full-time or part-time training.

The course gives you full-time service in the worldwide United Methodist Church - and in other churches. Similarly, qualified higher education for further professional fields within and outside the church context, such as Diakonia and social work, teaching in the mission, publishing, journalism, personnel management, consulting.

The Theological College is situated on the outskirts of the historic Old Town Reutlingen (Baden-Württemberg), in a quiet but central location.

Because of the limited number of professors, lecturers and students you will find a high degree of interpersonal communication.

The Theologische Hochschule Reutlingen offers many opportunities to network. We maintain partnerships with other universities at home and abroad as well as a variety of inner-church and ecumenical contacts.

Reutlingen University of Theology is an agency of the United Methodist Church in Germany, in Switzerland and Austria. It is characterized by international and ecumenical openness. Therefore, students from other churches are welcome.

Our Mission

Teachers and students at the end of the summer term 2009
Our mission

Our mission is theological education that happens in a conscious connection between living faith, liberated thinking and active love.

Our theological work is rooted in a lived faith in following Jesus. She is moved from the world-changing love of God as it is in Jesus Christ become visible.
Our theological work lives of a liberated mind. Openly and without fear she seeks to talk with other sciences, cultures and faiths and embarks on contemporary issues.
Our work aims at a theological practice of active love. She takes part in the mission of God for salvation and good of the world, which has proved in the Gospel and in concrete acts of mercy and justice.

Our Profile

Who we are

We are the Theological College of the United Methodist Church in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As such, we form since 1858 full time employees of this Church as a theological competence and contribute to their development and profile.
We are an ecumenical and international university. As such, we maintain connections to the worldwide United Methodist Church and are open to students from other churches and cultures.
We are a government recognized university. As such, we perceive a general educational mission and are guided in research, teaching and service to the appropriate standards.

What we want

We want to empower people at a reasonable theological opinion. You get a deeper knowledge of the various disciplines of theology (Old and New Testament, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology) and a fundamental knowledge in related humanities subjects (education, psychology, rhetoric).
We want to give people practical skills for the pastoral and missionary and diaconal action in church and society. You learn to preach the Gospel, to build community and to lead people to accompany the challenges in her life spiritually and to engage in harassing the crises of our world for peace and justice.
We want to assist people to develop a stable, spiritually influenced personality. You learn to train a separate spiritual profile, and other exercise carefully and jointly work with others.

How we work

We understand the concern as a theological work, the message of the love of God on the basis of Scripture, in conversation with the tradition and experience in dealing with current think through and respond.
We work on the basis of Scripture. It bears witness God's loving care to the world in creation and in the history of Israel, in Jesus Christ and in the early days of the church. Therefore it is our source and guide for faith, thought and action.
We work in an interview with the Christian tradition. In their religious and cultural diversity as in their specific expression Methodist it reflects the continuing effects of the biblical witness, but it has contributed again and again even in his blackout. Therefore it is our legacy and source of inspiration, but also cautionary tale of human misconduct.
We work in dealing with personal and communal experience. In them we meet the continuing vitality of the faith, but also his risk of doubt and unbelief. Therefore, they challenge us to align our theology to the concrete experiences and needs of individuals and to seek answers to global crises of our time.
We work with the tools of reason. As God's good gift, it helps us to rethink the faith and to answer publicly. But their border is the mystery of God's love which surpasses all understanding. Therefore we apply in Knowing the limitations of reason to scientific methods and seek dialogue with the Research. We place particular emphasis on interdisciplinary work, the discussion of various theological positions and the open encounter with other cultures and faiths.

What we offer

We offer a scientifically sound theological training. The three-year Bachelor degree program provides basic theological, social and personal skills for various professional fields. The two-year master's program that builds prepared primarily from the pastoral ministry.
We offer a practical education. It is based on the requirements of full-time service in the United Methodist Church and other church and social work fields. A special emphasis is placed on the practical-theological subjects and on Methodist history and theology.
We offer in consultation with the church full time and part-time special education courses. We also share responsibility for the education and training of church workers and employees outside the German speaking countries.
We offer a living and learning community, which makes the entire study in a social relation. It enables learning in small groups and intensive personal guidance of students. Joint worship and prayer, study tours and festivals contribute to the formation of personality and exercise in spiritual life.
We offer an open house where people from other churches and cultures are welcome. We cooperate with many seminaries around the world and promote international exchanges of teachers and learners.

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