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Merkur Internationale FH Karlsruhe
Karlsruhe, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

Facts and Philosophy

Do you see yourself at the Karl University? Please contact silhouette.

Retrieved from here you can start in the future: In the heart in Karlsruhe is the officially recognized Charles University International University. As a private institution, we have pursued since 2005 a practical, market-oriented and especially international teaching philosophy with strong influence from the private sector. According to industry and the future are the master and the seven bachelor degree programs. We want to be a springboard for our students - into a successful professional career and in a broad, academic horizon. You want more of the Charles University International University about? charge you our mission statement here as PDF!

Here you get more information about the study.

Professors and Lecturers

The professors at Charles University International University live among the students. To currently 362 students (as of March 2009) has 16 full-time professors, 33 other lecturers, three professors and several visiting guest lecturers. So your professors are almost always available for you, whether in person, by email or phone.

On we document our current and completed research projects and there will soon offer publications in the form of a higher number and workshop reports also.

Research at the Charles University

The study abroad

The world is small! The old saying is as relevant today as never before. Because global markets are interlinked and interdependent. Who wants in international business - from management to marketing culture exist - have to think globally. And so is the study of the Charles University International University are designed:

English in International Business and Master's program consistent instruction, all other courses, the lectures will be by 3 Semester in English required.
learning a third language is a mandatory component.
the range of languages including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese.
many partner universities worldwide enable you to study abroad.
conversely, a number of international students complete their semester abroad at Charles University International University.
Are you interested in going abroad? gives links to all of our partner universities in the box's right!

As a member of ACEEPT (Association des Centres Européens d'en Tourisme Professional Education), and Businet University is the Charles University International in important European university networks also embedded - the students benefit from many opportunities for cooperation.

Atmosphere and culture

Make yourself at home: As a student of Charles University International University let your academic work and your leisure time - if you like - hand in hand. Where the atmosphere is good?

Perhaps it is because you are studying in small groups, together with your professors are going to wine tasting with your classmates and star test strong actions - such as football tournaments, parties and charitable events.

Maybe it's just as well in the many hours of sunshine in Karlsruhe. The best thing you can find it out yourself!

Feel the atmosphere!
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The library contains about 6,000 volumes and is open to all interested parties.

More info at

Charles University International University
Karl Straße 36-38
76133 Karlsruhe

Tel: 0721 / 1303 514

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Equal Opportunity

The Equal Opportunities provides the female teachers, academics and students, information on women-specific programs, training opportunities, research projects, etc..

Moreover, it is the equal opportunity for prospective students and applicants for professorships as a contact person available. She is also a contact for students and staff of the Charles University International University in difficulties in the study, discrimination or sexual harassment. Also for questions about the compatibility of family studies and balance between work and family.

Since 2008, Charles University participates in the Girl's Day. The Equal Opportunity supports students in the conduct of this event.

The Equal Opportunities is ex officio member of the Senate and Faculty Council. In addition, she is born as a member of the search committees that are set up as new professors are appointed.

The Charles University is incorporated in the existing network of women's (Lakoff, national conference of the Women) in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The Gleichstellungsbeaftragte takes care of the addition to networking with existing female university networks.

Prof. Dr. Conny Mayer-Bonde

Charles University
International University
Charles Street 36-38
D-76133 Karlsruhe

Tel: +49 (0) 721 1303-500
Fax: +49 (0) 721 1303-300


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Initiatives and activities

We want to be an elite school for purely careerist. We want our students to develop active collaboration and lateral thinkers, people who themselves take the initiative to act sustainably and understanding among elite above all responsibility.

And this philosophy is paying off: In the student event Agency experience noise ", the student can independently plan trade shows, conferences and events of all kinds and to carry out. And on the platform "SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) charitable projects and activities are organized and implemented.

You want more information about the activities of our students? Then surf 'now or

Student Union

The Student Union (Stuv) represents all interests of the students concerning university life, directly or indirectly. If you have questions or problems, eg for examination, or if there are other difficulties for the students, we offer advice and assistance. To young university continues to bring forward and feels that all concerns of the students, we participate in other meetings of the Faculty and the Senate. Through events such as parties, barbecues, movie nights, sports events organized by the university life Stuv is shaped a bit better and more diversified.

For questions or problems you can contact us at any time by e-mail to reach.

With the public and free event series "Karl talks," the Charles University International University has created a platform for exchange on socio interesting topics. Each semester the university invite distinguished speakers from science, politics, culture, religion and economy for the lecture and subsequent discussion.
These were the current summer term, which the term "orientation" is under already Lothar Leonhard, Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, Bishop Dr. Ulrich Fischer, Gerhard Goll, State aD, Prof. Ernst Elitz, founding director Radio Germany and Prof. Dr. Kormann, former CEO of Voith AG won.

The conclusion of the series during the current summer semester is Government President Dr. Rudolf Kühner on 8 June with his presentation "The value of public administration make."

In the past two semesters, for example, spoke of the former Culture Minister Julian Nida-Rümelin and federal Finance Minister Dr. Theo Waigel.

All current information and dates for the series of lectures

Management Institute

Learning is like rowing against the tide - as soon as you stop, you drift back!

The tasks of a university in addition to the normal operation of study include the scientific training. For only guarantees life-long learning that one's knowledge and ability to remain competitive and the ever-growing demands of the national and international markets into account.

Our wide range includes in addition to our core exhibition, conference, event management, marketing, tourism, culture, business administration, economics, management and communication techniques, including creativity, presentation, moderation, justice, kfm. Correspondence, general education (Business etiquette, history, art history, literature, etc.) and different languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Russian, English, Spanish, German as a foreign language.

The events are open to all willing formation, the conditions will be listed separately for each course.

You want to train your employees individually and looking for a competent partner for in-house seminar? We will send you an offer tailored to your needs (medical history of your personal needs, professional performance by experienced lecturers and professors, certificates, evaluation).

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