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Hochschule für Musik Würzburg
Würzburg, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

The Uni ver si ty of Mu sic Wu erz burg is a mo dern in sti tu ti on of edu ca ti on and pro fes sio nal trai ning wi th a long tra di ti on. Our ent ry in to the cy ber-​world al lows us to of fer in for ma ti on on this web site re gar­ding our rich, ex ten si ve and di ver si fied stu dies as well as in te res ting in for ma ti on about our in sti tu ti on.
To da te (Sum mer Se mes ter, 2010), 597 stu dents are en rol led at our Uni ver si ty of Mu sic. Of tho se stu dents, 27 are ori gi nal ly from coun tri es be lon ging to the EU and 139 from other coun tri es. In ad di­ti on, the re are 14 vi sit ing stu dents and 74 child ren and teen agers who are part of our Pre-​col le ge Pro gram me for Ta len ted Young Peop le. Se ven of them are ori gi nal ly from coun tri es be lon ging to the EU, six of them we re born in non-​Eu ropean coun tri es.
The Uni ver si ty con sists of three mo dern buil dings, wi t hin clo se pro xi mi ty of one ano ther. The buil­dings which hou se the teaching, re se arch and mu si cal edu ca ti on fa cul ties are clo se to the down town area of Würz burg .
The Uni ver si ty of fers so me thing for every mu sic lover. Nu me rous pu blic con certs fea ture per for man­ces of young ar tists as they con ti nue to de ve lop their mu si cal abi li ties and per so na li ties. Spec ta tors can en joy won der ful mu sic from Ba ro que to con tem pora ry, from clas si cal to jazz, and per for man ces from ope ra to mu si cal theat re.

Great potential for the future at the oldest public institution of music education in Germany
The Uni ver si ty of Mu sic, Wu erz burg has a rich his to ry da ting back to the la te 18th cen tu ry. The foun­ding of the Col le gi um Mu si cum Aca de mi cum Wir ce bur gen se pri or to 1798 by Franz Jo seph Fröh lich pa ved the way for the la ter Uni ver si ty of Mu sic, Wu erz burg. No other mu sic uni ver si ty in Ger ma ny can look back on such a long tra di ti on!
In 1804 the Col le gi um Mu si cum be ca me the "Öf fent li che Mu si k an stalt" (The Pu blic In sti tu te of Mu­sic) at the "Chur fürst li che Ju li us-​Uni ver si tät zu Würz burg". Around 1850 al re a dy 680 stu dents and pu­pils stu died he re!
La ter, in the ye ar 1875, the "Mu si k an stalt" be ca me the "Kö nig li chen Mu sik schu le" (Roy al School of Mu sic) and split wi th the Uni ver si ty of Wu erz burg. So on the "Mu sik schu le" achie ved a wi de spread re­pu ta ti on.
Even Ri chard Wag ner, who wor ked at the Wu erz burg Theat re for a short pe ri od, sent two stu dents he re be cau se he re gar ded The Roy al Con ser va to ry at Wu erz burg as the best he knew.
Ano ther high light in our his to ry was the 1894 per for mance of „Tod und Ver klä rung“ ("De ath and Trans fi gu ra ti on") by the or chestra of The Roy al Con ser va to ry of Wu erz burg, con duc ted by Ri chard Strauss him s elf. Back in Wei mar, Strauss was re al ly en thu si as tic about his work wi th the or chestra.
One of Fröh lich`s suc ces sors, Her mann Zil cher, com po ser and foun der of Wu erz burg's Mo zart Fes ti­val, led the in sti tu ti on bet ween 1920 and 1945. The for mer "Kö nig li che Mu sik schu le" (Roy al School of Mu sic) was chan ged to "Baye ri sches Staats kon ser va to ri um" (The Con ser va to ry of the Sta te of Ba va­ria) in 1921.
The rai se in sta tus to "The Uni ver si ty of Mu sic, Wu erz burg" in 1973 pre sen ted a gre at op por tu ni ty for our in sti tu ti on: Cour ses and ac tivi ties we re broa de ned and ma de mo re chal len ging.
No wa days stu dents find re al ly mo dern equip ment to prac tice their in stru ments and stu dy theo re ti cal to pics. The re are stu di os for pro fes sio nal re cor dings as well as com pu ter work sta tions.
In 2001 the for mer Ci ty of Wu erz burg's Con ser va to ry was in te gra ted in to The Uni ver si ty of Mu sic, Wu erz burg. New cour ses, such as jazz, ele men ta ry mu sic edu ca ti on, and ac cor di on, broa de ned our cour se of fe rings on ce again.
The Uni ver si ty of Mu sic, Wu erz burg is led by Pre si dent Prof. Hel mut Erb, Vice Pre si dent Prof. Her­mann Kle mey er, Vice Pre si dent Prof. Dr. Tho mas Mu ench and Chan cel lor Dr. Eva Stumpf-​Wirths.

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