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Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover
Hannover, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

The origins of the College of Music and Drama (HMTH back) go to the Land of Music and Drama School Hannover, both in the 19th Century were founded. 1950 out of them, the Academy of Music and Drama, 1973, the Land of the carrier HMTH. 1978 the Academy of Music and Drama the status of an artistic-scientific university with doctoral and postdoctoral law.
As the only conservatory in Lower Saxony , the university takes a special position both in science and in the cultural landscape of the country as one.

The Academy of Music and Drama in Hannover is more than 30 courses teachers, actors, music teachers, music and media scientists successfully to the solo class / Promotion of musicians. About 1400 students from all over the world are here by 350 teachers, including many internationally known personalities from the arts, education and science, taught and encouraged. In the framework of master classes, lecture series and seminars are regularly compartment national and international figures to their guest of the university and useful supplement to the education of students.

By popinstitut hannover, the Institute for New Music, the study world music and the European Centre for Jewish Music, as well as the strong research institutes for music and gender, for Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicinefor American Music and for journalism and communication research brings together the university exceptional facilities under one roof. By connecting many artistic and scientific projects interdisciplinarity is here in all the area practiced continuously.

College is content with their teachers and students in constant exchange with the city and its culture, media and business units and sees itself as an active part of the city culture. Cooperation with the Hanover Theatre and opera houses, the NDR, local organizers as well as scientific and media institutions are evidence of it.

The main building of the HMTH on Emmichplatz was on the planning of the architect Rolf Ramcke in the heart of the City of Hannover directly to the city-forest called specifically for the purpose of an art college built 1972nd Meanwhile distribute institutions and students of the university at various locations in the city - from the Oststadt to the Expo grounds.
Hanover , with around half a million residents in an attractive city with excellent transport infrastructure, urban-contrast between big city flair and green landscape and rich and affordable housing and recreational program.
With seven colleges and 36,000 students the city is also a major scientific center. Those who study here do research, wants to develop artistically, is a rich spectrum of training and a variety of cultural and educational institutions in a city, the best environment for creativity and innovation offers.

Mission Statement of the School of Music and Drama

1st We, the members and members of the Academy of Music and Drama, Hannover, constitute an artistic and scientific institution with the fields of music, theater and media. Our goal is to become the world a comprehensive education to enable people to enable them in given occupational fields can all prove themselves. We base our work on the shared values of an enlightened, cosmopolitan cultural and scientific understanding.

Second in the field of artistic and scientific education to all students, we make extensive and professional services for individual focus. Music is the central point of contact for the large number of offered courses.

Third , we stand firmly in the best traditions of artistic and scientific training. At the same time we are all programs of international and intercultural committed. Teachers and students from many cultures are just as a document such as our sustained presence in Europe and worldwide networks.

4th We are a modern university which is relevant to all areas of intensive care in individuals and to his career in terms of new job profiles the efforts. That is why the formation of the whole person and their social and communicative competence in the center of our thinking, planning and action.

5th Partnership we work with our students out to them responsible, artistic, educational, scientific and entrepreneurial train professionals - individually as well as a team. Therefore, forms of cooperation are a must for special artistic and scientific studies all over. At the same time allow teaching and research at our university through the social, cultural and scientific orientation of an attractive range of study objects.

Sixth by the admission of new students to the appointment of new teaching staff is the pursuit of excellence our driving force. Consequently, our university feels the merit principle requires it. We expect our students with a sustained motivation to ensure joint success.

7th , we position ourselves in the international marketplace with exceptional academic and research offerings in the areas of talent development from an early age, media, anthropology and medicine. These are parts of a long-span interdisciplinary work, the unique synergy created by. In this way, research experiments and innovation in artistic practice and scientific support.

8th The diversity of our cooperations, music, theater and science alike. This is reflected among others in cooperation with the Staatsoper Hannover, the State Orchestra, the NDR Radio Philharmonic, the media companies as well as in international theater projects, clusters and inter-university international university partnerships. Thus we are also involved in current developments in the exchange of artists / Inne / n and scientists / Inne / n and their methods and findings and can also access student internships and scholarship programs to provide our own.

9th The members of our university see themselves as the creative part of the urban and regional cultural life in Lower Saxony. Both the standalone and the events organized jointly with partners are an essential part of our work. This manifests itself in a special way the combination of teaching, research and practice.

10th Our university is in a lively intellectual exchange with the society in which we see ourselves and anchored the middle out, we play our part to preserve the living cultural heritage and its replacement with the attendant conflicts and changes necessary from out. Therefore, we continuously review and update our studies and program offerings. This also happens in terms of sustainable quality and the further development of strategies and perspectives.

11th , the principles of a liberal image of man, the principle of equality, tolerance, respect and unbiased assessment of any cultural-artistic and scientific achievement apply equally both inside and outside. We accept and encourage therefore necessary forms of democratic participation and are available for a mutually transparent communication culture.

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