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Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig
Braunschweig, Germany


University description (as per official university website)


The College of Fine Arts in Braunschweig is an internationally oriented, artistic and scientific university. In all courses we promote an open and productive exchange between teachers and students. We want to combine artistic, creative and academic work together. An entanglement of studies, especially in the creative areas and more important. We are convinced that in this manner conveys the key skills that are now essential for many professions, the ability to think innovatively and to make the ability to understand complex problems and control.

At the Academy of Fine Arts about 1,200 students in the study fine arts, art and media studies, communication design, industrial design, and are enrolled in courses teaching art, shape analysis, works and Role Play. In the center of the courses is the free art. In 22 art classes with an average thickness of 15, students are introduced to a wide range of artistic positions. In addition to the traditional genres of painting, sculpture and printmaking in particular the art film, performance and new media are well represented.

For a long time does the HBK far beyond its borders. In research it is linked here on the teachers and their projects with the international art and science. It sees itself as a regional center of an ongoing dialogue with the sciences of the Technical University and other research institutions, with the art and design institutions between Wolfsburg and Hanover, and - especially in the design field - with the company in the region. The ARTmax - Design - Media - Business is an important place for such exchanges. In addition to companies from creative fields here are the Institute for Media, located the job design and art classes at the university.

Mission Statement of the College
Adopted in the Senate meeting on 23 January 2008 and 24th in the Bureau meeting January 2008.


The mission is to develop an orientation for the future and motivating effect for all members and relatives. It helps to align perception and decision making on common reference points and reinforces the special quality of the university with its many potentials. All contribute to the HBK represented status groups, with their influence on the tasks and objectives outlined below.

The Bureau and the Senate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Braunschweig (HBK) have agreed on the basis of a procedure for the involvement of all groups of university status to the following mission statement. You are aware that this model has a dynamic structure and requires a continuous change and update.

I. Profile and main goals of HBK

1st The HBK strives in their profile far-reaching network of academic structure and the interpenetration of teaching and research in their core areas (Brunswick model). The core areas include the study profiles of the fine arts, art education and the performing of the game, communication design, industrial design and the Transportation of design, art history and media studies. The HBK participates actively and critically and constructively in the discussions on the implementation of the Bologna process in these fields of study and the competition is among the universities.

2nd The autonomy of the university based on the freedom of research and teaching in art and science.

3rd The HBK cultivates a culture of freedom, diversity and good relations with each other. This is characteristic of a living, statusübergreifender discourse with unavoidable contradictions, which are seen as a source of enrichment and development of the higher profile.

4th The HBK is renewed constantly in the minds of their own history.

5th Key objective of the university and its teaching areas is to create an institutional framework for the training of qualified creative and versatile personalities in the artistic, creative and scientific disciplines and to ensure. The aim is a creative expertise that goes beyond the particular core discipline. Accordingly, horizontal cooperation is sought in projects of study and teaching, and research and encouraged to implement the initiatives in a variety of teachers and students. Development and learning processes of great variety of methods are prerequisites for quality teaching and a common working basis for research and teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts.

6th As an art college with university status, the HBK the paradigm of art itself as a common reference for all their disciplines, as it comes in the creative process of production, analysis and placement of works and forms of visual art, design and art history and media studies expressed.

7th Research at the HBK range from basic scientific orientation on application-solving strategies through to the reflective creative artistic work. The university conducts research in the fields of art history and media studies as well as those set on their academic disciplines of communication design, industrial design and transportation design. It fulfills its research mission in the artistic disciplines by teaching her to develop the artists their own artistic work and communicate.

8th The School of Visual Arts aims to ensure a balanced relationship between service and self-determination, between basic research and product development, between autonomy and commodification research achievements at high levels.

9th The university aims to create the conditions for generation of education and development opportunities to create. In terms of a holistic personality development of the HBK strives to develop services for the areas of early and gifted students, adult education and vocational education and training.

10th The HBK has an excellent infrastructure with workshops and laboratories, seminar rooms, classrooms, media center and library, university Gallery and Studio. These facilities are used by external audiences and HBK make it an attractive place of encounter with contemporary art, design and science.

11th To achieve equal opportunities HBK keeps the strategy of gender mainstreaming in order to take into account the equality of men and women in all higher education policy decision-making. Concept, implementation and evaluation of the gender perspective will be accompanied by the central science and quality management of HBK.

II The members of the university

12th Teachers, students and staff of the university consider their institution as a laboratory of the future and a field for the participation of current social trends and socio-political issues and act accordingly. You maintain a culture of mutual respect and good relations with each other. They participate actively in the autonomy of universities.

13th The HBK sees itself as a "learning organism". All university members look to the principle of lifelong learning and measure requires the integration of acquired knowledge very important.

14th The teachers at the HBK are characterized by high artistic, creative and scientific expertise, reputation and relevance. They have specialist skills in teaching their skills and put them into practice. They encourage the students individually in their professional, social and personal development and oriented to the particular course objectives.

15th The teachers are role models for their students by their projects and teaching

are based on artistic and scientific creativity,
aimed at providing new insights, methods and forms of representation,
based on analysis and critical discussion of the methods and results,
reflect the historical and social developments.
16th The artistic and scientific employees make with their aligned to the objectives of the College activities are an important contribution. Their scientific, creative and artistic talent as well as their technical and methodological expertise they bring to the development of research and teaching in all areas of the university.

17th The university supports the artistic and academic staff in their independent and critical participation in the artistic and scientific discourse and thus tends to increase the number of employees.

18th The students develop their own initiatives in the course of their studies, to learn the study-related goals in collaboration with the teachers and other students as a learning process designed yourself and responsible personality development.

19 Because of the diversity of study options, each student's responsibility to organize their studies and to structure and to set individual priorities.

20th Students participate in critical and constructive manner to the university's discourse and contribute actively to the design of the study conditions and the Higher Education and the distribution of student fees. Besides the activity in the university's autonomy and non-university political, social and cultural engagement as a complementary component of personality development is valued.

21st Students contribute to conscious family atmosphere at HBK.

22nd The president heads the university. She sees herself as an impulse-giving and mediator between the higher education institution and external discourses and maintain through their collaborative work style, the open and communicative atmosphere at the university. Through their leadership culture promotes the President the principle of consensus, that is, it ensures participation of all university members and the democratically constituted bodies of important and future-oriented decision-making processes and structures safe and is committed to transparency.

23rd The Bureau coordinates and manages all aspects of HBK. It supports the members and staff of the University through provision of adequate resources, to secure sustainable funding and task as well as through successful public relations and marketing. It makes use of modern management tools such as the science and quality management.

24th The staff of the library, the administration and in the workshops and laboratories

work in their fields of constructive functions internally, qualified and in partnership with the other members of the university and external;
they support teaching and research competence in all business processes from services and advice by acting hard working, committed and effective with the greatest possible transparency;
they are aware of their role and responsibility in order to achieve the goals of the university aware of and solve problems in cooperation with the other members of the university flexible and creative;
they take the concerns of students and teachers seriously and treat them with understanding, kindness and openness;
they are supported in their actions by the university management and the other members of the university in ensuring the quality of their work.
III. The HBK in a social context

25th The university and its members are actively involved in social and political discourse and exercise their influence.

26th The HBK has intensive exchange and cooperation relations with institutions of culture, science and business in the city and region. It conveys their research in a variety of research networks and the public and brings with its own event offers an active part in the cultural life of the city and the state of Lower Saxony.

27th The University supports the students in the transition from student to professional life and promotes individual and technical nature of young scientists. It provides good individual study-related counseling. The HBK develops and maintains partnerships with potential employers and clients and their organizations.

28th The network of HBK is extended by the circle of its alumni who promote the professional in mutual interest to the lively exchange between students and the establishment.

29th Teachers and students enter with the assistance of the university management impetus for the development and profile of the HBK as a place of internationalism.

30th The university builds new and maintains existing national and international networks with major institutions and personalities in art, design and science.

31st The mobility of teachers and students is encouraged through participation in national and international projects and exchange programs.

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