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Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig
Braunschweig, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

A university for the metropolis

Whether it's technology, business, computer science, media and information is at the Berlin Gate to Life Sciences in mountain village to design in the Armgartstraße or social affairs in the Saarland road - the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW Hamburg) offers a vast range of training courses.

HAW Hamburg - the practice-oriented university

If you want to study in Hamburg - you'll find everything you are looking for:
Versatile, reformed courses with a sound education
on a scientific or artistic basis.
Practical approach already in the study by the professors that are working out
Experience to know what you need later in the professional field,
through projects with the practice and thesis, often in cooperation
with the economy.
A well-organized study and good support by teachers.
Teamwork, interdisciplinary projects.
Modern equipment with information technology.
International study programs and partner universities.

Think global - a Intenational College

The University of Applied Sciences Hamburg has partnerships with over 90 European universities and with universities in North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. Our cooperation agreements provide for study visits and joint research before visiting professorships. They facilitate the gathering of foreign experience and provide an additional degree at several of our partner universities abroad.

For the openness of our university is supported by the international nature of its student body: Almost 2,000 students (or 15 percent of all students) have a foreign passport and represent well over 100 nations at the HAW Hamburg.

Our trademarks: The practical orientation

The University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW Hamburg), the University of the metropolis. We offer our students a diverse and comprehensive degree programs, with which they are made fit for the demands of the modern working world. Our programs have already been converted in large numbers on the Bachelor / Master. Our graduates are sought after in the job market because they bring not only expertise, but also practical experience in the professional world and because of the practice-and project-oriented, interdisciplinary studies, team-oriented, and the so-called "soft skills" learned in practice. Practice orientation is our hallmark, and even after graduation, we offer our training WINQ eV opportunities for lifelong learning. Knowledge for life: that's us.

Practical relevance and high quality of teaching

We are the second largest university of the city and the third largest of our kind in the Federal Republic. We changed the name of us (former) University of Applied Sciences Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg in order to highlight our practical focus in teaching and learning more. The standard period is shorter, the longer the single semester, the study strengthened, the compulsory quota of courses and exams larger. Internships during their studies are also characteristic of the polytechnic to study how the tasks from practice-oriented studies and theses. The placement provides links to the work already in her studies. During the learning phase, the "real thing" to be rehearsed: projects such as exhibitions, fairs, competitions and fashion shows enliven the student life and contribute to the cultural life of Hamburg.
The individual departments have modern laboratories for practical teaching and research. A long-standing professional experience outside the university belongs to the set conditions for professors of the university. Lecturers from practice contribute to the integration of current developments in the curriculum.

Future-oriented university

Who advertises with the trademark "practical" courses must be based on need. By the winter semester 2005/06, we will have converted all courses in accordance with the requirements of the so-called Bologna process at the Bachelor / Master system, so we are ready for the European and international future. Speaking of the world: around 2000 of our 12,000 students come from over 100 countries (15%) and documented - in addition to our many partner universities - our lived internationality. For our reform efforts, we have been in 2001 by the Donors' Association for German Science awarded "University Reform". This is a tradition: The first Hamburger University, the University established in 1993 a structural approach, implementation of reforms had the effect of varied study. Since March 2005, takes up the restructuring of the HAW Hamburg were from the former departments - initially established - five new faculties. By strengthening and greater autonomy of the faculties and the closer cooperation of the former departments, large synergy effects can be used. The quality of the studies is thus optimized. Furthermore, the objective of a common "area of higher education in Europe (Bologna process) followed by the widespread introduction of bachelor's and master's programs.

HAW 40 years Hamburg

The year 2010 is for the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW Hamburg) is a special year it celebrates its 40th anniversary. The following websites therefore some interesting archival materials were collected on selected topics and comments.

The following introduction is intended to provide a sneak peek at the contents:

Shortly after the founding of the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg - today HAW Hamburg - in the 1970s, the university is on its way to become part of a comprehensive university. The stated goal is integration.

After the start of the pilot project "Integrated Study Industrial signs" of the Federal President Walter Scheel, in January 1976 Higher Education Act. After months of debate and negotiation, the overall academic plan will be a year later, on 11 January 1977, of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (FHH), adopted and passed to the citizenry. Needless to say, that in the end nothing came of the project "Comprehensive University". It even ended with the fact that the colleges, according to draft bill, the purpose of adaptation of the Hamburg University law at the Higher Education Act no labels such as "should scientific" and take "artistic-scientific '. Finally, the then President of the University of Hamburg Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Dalheimer 1983 to let emerge as deputy rector of the polytechnic Conference (FRK), the request, the University of the West German Rectors' Conference (WRK) and to form their own powerful organization. In Yearbook of 1984/1985 the University has noted,
"(...) That colleges can in the political business in the meantime not only on generalities such as" best practice reference point ", but have tangible achievements that made it necessary to step out of the existing reserve and a better mode of higher education represented by the WRK sought. "(see Annual Report 1984/85, p. 14)

The idea of a comprehensive university and will be buried today HAW Hamburg looks straight ahead. 1993 is the first University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, which created a structural and Development (SEP). The desire for constant improvement is still a prominent feature of the HAW Hamburg.

This feature appears for example in university policy on gender.
"From the spring of 2010, there will be a day care center here that will be both for the degree of 'education and education in the childhood" object of study "(Prof. Dr. Michael Stawicki, president of the HAW Hamburg in the special publication of the TIME-Verlages_Oktober 2009).

The project is 40 years HAW Hamburg
A project team consisting of students Wiebke Behrens, Verena hedge and Marlen Witt Maganjo from the HAW Hamburg, has developed the anniversary performance. Browsing through the archives of the Department of Press and Communications interesting documents and pictures were analyzed and utilized. The chief topics "About Us", "degrees", "academic staff", "Higher Education Policy", "social", "practical" and "International" contain interesting articles on the subject "Awards" of the university or "interdisciplinarity". Specific topics include timelines, which give a graphical overview about certain topics, such as "Gender". Of course there are in addition to the articles and photos, written by the project team or selected, including links to "antiquated" archives, such as a press release the University of Hamburg, 6 September 1993.

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