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Hochschule Bremerhaven
Bremerhaven, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

Approximately 2800 students are currently enrolled in the courses of the University of Bremerhaven. Of the natural and engineering to economics extends the range of subjects. The most important questions to choose the right course to organizational processes with background information and tips are answered here.

The universities in Bremen can occupy 24 percent of students admitted through a separate selection process. The University of Bremerhaven is exercising this right. The Academic Senate has adopted this policy.

As a first course führteCruise Industry Management through the winter semester 2004/05 interviews.

12 of 40 places would be awarded under the new procedure. In 20-minute interview, candidates must demonstrate the motivation and suitability for the course. The evaluation of the interviews is based on a fixed point scale for three complexes: Motivation for the study, interview behavior, and type of vocational training / employment. The selection procedure is carried out by two university professors.

Important for applicants is that the desire to participate in this competition, is indicated in the job.

The selection procedure is carried out not at the time, the selection is returned to the NC.

Guidelines for the implementation of selection interviews for Study

of 14 October 2003

The Academic Senate of the University of Bremerhaven on 14 October 2003, the following guidelines to conduct selection interviews for the courses of the University of Bremerhaven decided.

1st Conducting selection interviews

1.1 The University of Bremerhaven leads to the award of places after the regulation on the allocation of study by the universities of 14 April 1994 (Journal of Laws Brem. p. 144), as last amended by amending Decree of 29/04/2002 (GBL Brem. S.. 215) (Procurement Regulation), by the departments on a proposal selection process pursuant to § 10 a procurement regulation for individual courses.

1.2 The dean or the dean shall appoint the Registrar's Office to be included in the selection programs of the Department by 1 January of the year in which the selection procedure to be performed (deadline) and shall, to the maximum feasible number of interviews. As a rule, at least twice the number carried out during the selection of places available for selection interviews.

2nd The purpose of the interviews

The interviews used for selection of candidates for the degree of their motivation and suitability for the selected study and the chosen profession by identifying a hierarchy.

3rd Time of the interviews

Interviews are conducted once a year in time before the start of the course of the winter time. The date of interviews depends on the time of submission of applicant data by the university administration and the application and summons shall sixth in point Place and time of the interviews are set by the dean or the dean of the appropriate department and announced. The dates of several long interviews are to be laid on consecutive days.

4th Selection Committees

4.1 The Dean of Department shall determine the number of selection committees for the respective course.

4.2 The Selection Committee consists of two members of the group of firms in the course professors, appointed by the dean or the dean. The Dean or the Dean shall appoint next deputy members of the group operating in the course professors, participate in the prevention of a member in the interviews. The Dean or the Dean may also appoint up to two-university advisor for the selection committee who have no voting rights. The participation of a member from the Registrar's Office is possible. The member has no voting rights.

4.3 If two or more selection committees to the Department notified by the university administration candidates for selection interviews on a random basis to be anonymous, spread over the selection committees.

5th Participation in the interview

5.1 The participation in the interview requires the accurate and timely application for the selection included in the study and a request to participate in competitions during the period for the trial in accordance with § 3 para 1 award Regulation. The application for participation in the selection process is proof of entrance qualifications, a handwritten curriculum vitae, a maximum two-page written justification for the choice of the course and, where evidence of language skills or vocational training or records of professional activities carried attached. The prospective students and applicants will be informed accordingly in the application documents.

5.2. The participants take part in each course only once. Who is covered by the selection rates of § § 7 para 1 and 8 award order, is not participating in the selection. The Registrar's Office determined the number of possible candidates for selection for the award order. If the number of applications for the selection interview, the number of interviews in accordance with Section 1.2 of the lot decides.

6th Charge to the interview

The applicants will be invited by the Registrar's Office in accordance with the dates notified by the Department to interview. The charge time is typically less than one week.

7th The end of the interviews

7.1 The interviews are conducted by the Selection Committee responsible for paragraph 4.3 with the invited candidates as individual interviews. The interviews are not public and usually last not less than 20 minutes. The members of the Selection Committee must be present during the entire duration of the interviews held by them.

7.2 If a candidate or a candidate or not he or she breaks the interview down, he or she is not taken into account when deciding on the selection. Who was prevented from evidence of him not even for reasons beyond the call to participate, is participating at the request of the next award at the interview.

7.3. is on the course of each interview stage by a member of the Selection Committee made a log that the location, time, duration of the conversation, the participants, keywords conversation content, any special events at the end of the conversation, and in an appendix the evaluation in accordance with paragraph 9 contains.

8th Subject of the interviews

8.1 In the context of the interviews, applicants should explain in particular:
a) the reasons for the decision to study the chosen course want
b) previous activities, or interests that are consistent with this decision in the context
c) ideas about the chosen course of study and subsequent tasks and activities
d) other matters that appear in the view of the special aptitude and motivation for the chosen course important.

8.2 In the context of the conversation, the behavior of candidates in conversation (communication behavior, stringency of the arguments, flexibility in responding to changing conversation objects, ability to adjust to a conversation partner, verbal skills) were observed.

3.8 In addition, any already completed vocational training and / or exercise of professional activities are discussed.

9th Guest interviews

9.1 The guest in the interviews identified motivation and suitability of candidates will be based on the following categories with the following scores:
a) No admission is necessarily a good 10 points
b) A registration is highly recommended 8 points
d) An authorization is a good 6 points
e) An approval with reservations recommended 4 points
f) An authorization is not recommended 2 points
g) An authorization is not recommended 0 points

9.2 Each member of the Selection Committee evaluated the first topic Paragraph 8.1. and the language behavior of Section 8.2 based on the points scale according to Paragraph 9.1. To take account of the degree of qualification for the chosen degree and the nature of vocational training or employment before or after the acquisition of the university entrance awards, each member of the Selection Committee a total of more than 10 points according to the grading scale of Paragraph 9.1.

9.3. The overall assessment is the sum of the contracts awarded for the three assessment points of the two complexes members of the selection committee. The individual ratings and the overall result will be for each candidate and each candidate recorded on a separate evaluation form as an attachment to the call log.

9.4. After the interviews will be formed among all candidates according to a ranking of the achieved score. At rank are tied, the lot.

9.5 The results of the interviews will be notified to the Registrar's Office by a suggestion in writing. The Rector decides on the basis of this proposal on the approval.

10th Preparation of decisions

1.10 Applicants who are approved under Section 9.2, obtained by the Registrar's Office a letter of acceptance with a mandatory enrollment date. Writes the candidate or the candidate is up to this date not one, the admission will be ineffective. The provisions of the Regulation on the award Nachrückverfahren apply accordingly.

2.10 Applicants who can not be admitted will receive a letter of rejection to appeal.

11th Delegation

That can be transferred to the dean or the dean in accordance with these guidelines the Dean of the Faculty responsibilities.

12th Entry into force

These guidelines come into force after publication and shall apply except for the first time a sentence of paragraph 1.2 of the procurement procedure for the academic year 2004/05.

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