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Fachhochschule Schmalkalden
Schmalkalden, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

The Studentenwerk Thüringen, like all former East German student a turbulent history. The roots of the student unions are the 20-ies. After the Second World War, the predecessor of today's student unions were dissolved. Even after the reestablishment of the East German student in 1990, there have been restructuring, one of which is the last in 2006 the founding of the Studentenwerk Thüringen.

From inception to resolution


Students and teachers set the Higher Education Economic Co Dresden as the first legally independent organization to support students in Germany, later given the name Studentenwerk Dresden.


Dresden is the seat of the German Student Union. In the same year in Jena, founded the "Association Jena Student Aid. This takes care of the establishment of student kitchens, and has a sales office to book a transfer and patchwork & sewing room.


The Loan Fund of the German Student Union is founded. The mensa academica inaugurated the first student in Jena.


Students and university staff to lay the foundation for a new student house in Jena.


Inauguration of Students' House "Upper Philosophers"


The "Jena student aid is" member of the "Deutsches Studentenwerk eV" and is now called "Studentenwerk Jena eV"


Adoption of "Guidelines for the health selection to higher education", the Academic Health insurance goes on in the administration of the student.


The entry into force of the "law of the kingdom Student", the local students' self-help facilities to staff headquarters in Berlin.


The kingdom is the owner of the Student Union student center in Jena.


After the American invasion in Jena is the resolution of the Studentenwerk Jena. The "Jena GmbH student aid is called" the legal successor of the student to life.


The Jena students help is completely dissolved. Your responsibilities from now on assume the social welfare and the student union at FSU.


The FSU is used as a trustee of the university cafeteria.


Establishing the Department of Economic and social institutions of the FSU.

Reestablishment of the student union in 1990


The Council of Ministers of the GDR adopted at its last meeting, the Regulation on the establishment of student unions in East Germany, founding the Studentenwerk Thüringen, Jena, acting managing director: Dr. Ralf Schmidt-Röh.

Facilities of the Studentenwerk out from the university. The "Studentenwerk Thüringen country" will be replaced by the student Erfurt, Ilmenau, Jena and Weimar.
Weimar is taking place in the formation and structure of the individual service areas with strong support of the Studentenwerk Marburg. Acting Head of the office Weimar Werner: Erbert.
In Jena, you can draw on the experience of the student union of the twin city of Erlangen. Managing director: Dr. Ralf Schmidt-Röh.
Erfurt is run by the Studentenwerk Kassel. CEO: Dieter Dargel.
Ilmenau is the Student Council and casting support. Managing Director: Dr. Gerald Lösel (in order).
The student in Jena and Weimar are members of the Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW).
October 1, the responsibility of the student Ilmenau extended to the university's location in Schmalkalden. Temporarily managed the student dormitories in Ilmenau and Suhl - a branch of the TU Ilmenau.
The Studentenwerk Erfurt care from 1 October, the students of the FH Erfurt.
Both the Jena facility and the Weimar Studentenwerk maintained since the early 90's partnerships with student unions in France (Rennes and Poitiers CROUS) and to higher education institutions in Cracow.
In the beginning of the residential redevelopment Weimar Windmühlenstraße 31/33.
Introduction of support for students, BAföG
From April 1991 to provide offices for education or training payments referred to a carefully designed decision support. Until then, a transitional arrangement.


By closing the field office of the Erfurt University of Education in the Student Union Mühlhausen focuses its work on the state capital.
The student manages approximately 3627 dormitory rooms. Through the rehabilitation program reduces the number and half of the dormitory rooms can be adapted to modern standards.
Survey for the first time in the dining halls to guest satisfaction.

Managing Director of the Student Union will Ilmenau Rudolf Groner.
Beginning of the realization of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. The Student Ilmenau manages about 3,000 dormitory rooms. Through the rehabilitation program (single and double bed rooms instead) and by the increasing supply on the open market this number down considerably.
Survey for the first time in the dining halls to guest satisfaction.

Opening of the cafeterias' Turmeck "and" Technical Optics "
Commissioning of the new development Karl-Marx-Allee 16, Stauffenbergstr. 2 and 2a, Emil-Wölk-Str.9
Introduction of data processing in the areas of accounting, human resources, and merchandise Mietbuchhaltung
Adjustment of rents in the new developments in the reduced subsidy provision of the state of Thuringia.

Ready for occupancy delivery of the residential building windmills 31-33, redevelopment with funds boom East
Acting Director of Harry Macharzina
Beginning of Part reorganization and opening of the cultural office in the student house at the park
Return of various residential buildings on the basis of restitution claims
Start of the refurbishment of the students room


Appearance of the "INFO"
Completion of the first part of a dormitory renovation
For the first time supervision of tutors, which are funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung

Acquisition of the former working-class accommodation (AWU) at the Ehrenberg - now house Q
Closure of the former company restaurants in the cafeteria for cost reasons
For the first time supervision of tutors, which are funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung
From January publication of the monthly newsletter "Treffpunkt.Mensa" with information on the work of the student union, dining plans and the cultural programs on campus

Commissioning of the students in the old hermitage Schankstatt "Zur Rose"
Opening the cafeteria on the main university building
Introduction of modern information technology in the Office of Training Assistance
Completion of the rehabilitation of the residential complex Hügelstraße
Commissioning of the new development Siegfried-Czapski Street
Support student cultural events: "Kaltscherwieks", "1.TheaterOFFensive", "Irish days"
Opening of students house, "Wagner"

Delivery of the first Russian barracks in Thuringia to the rebuilding as a housing complex for students, Ettersburger Street
CEO of the Weimar Studentenwerk: Dr. Rolf Pfeifer Will


Reconstruction of the kitchen and output area in the main cafeteria on the campus of North Street houses
Contract with the German student bodies Travel Service GmbH
Edition of the ISIC student cards by the Social Services
Offer of a leisure accidents and personal liability insurance through the Student

Contract with the German student bodies Travel Service GmbH
Edition of the ISIC student cards by the Social Services
Offer of a leisure accidents and personal liability insurance through the Student

Signing of a partnership agreement with the C: R: O: U S:: Rennes (France)
Reopening of students house Philosophenweg 20 as a cafeteria and administration building
Opening of the refurbished residential Stauffenberg Strasse 2, Emil-Wölk-Str. 9
Groundbreaking for the first residential building in Thuringia (Seidel Road, Max-Kade-Haus)
First prize in the photo competition of the German Student Union for the group photo in the "Wagner"
Introduction of the semester ticket for public transport in Jena

Visit of the economic affairs of the state of Thuringia in the Kita Merketal
Establishment of the cafeteria on the upper floor of the Students' House
Rehabilitation of the sanitation sector in the student house, installation of disabled facilities
Renovation of the building beginning at Herrenrödchen (former home of the Soviet trading company)


Renovation of the dormitory Donaustraße
Complete renovation of the dormitory for the students of the colleges in Nordhausen by the Student Erfurt

Relocation of the administrative headquarters on the campus of the TU Ilmenau

When the redevelopment of residential Siegfried-Czapski Street
Commissioning of the first residential building in Thuringia (Seidel Road 18, "Max-Kade-Haus)
Cooperation with the Max Kade Foundation, opportunity for student exchanges with American universities
First greet the one-millionth meal score within a year
Exchange programs with universities in Krakow and the student unions of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Rennes (France)
Workshop days in the "Wagner"

At the completion of new development and its attractive exterior with Herrenrödchen sports field, outdoor stage, adequate parking areas
Beginning of the renovation of the former hospital building (CIS building) Leibnizallee
Italian Cultural Exchange at the Student House


Return of the dormitory Werner Seelenbinder road to the country and implementation of the local Mensa in the Altona Street, to the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
In the winter arrival of the first students in the newly built residential complex on the Ringelberg
Establishment of a legal clinic for students

Transformation of the former milk bar in the cafeteria on the Ehrenberg in a coffee shop

Week of events to mark the 75th anniversary of Jena student aid institutions
Move to the new administration building Philosophenweg 22
Opening of the refurbished residential Stauffenbergstraße 2a
Acquisition of new development in the Stifterstraße 19
Visit the Max Kade House by the American Consul General Annette L. Veler
Closure of the last outside the city of Jena lying residential complex at Kahla, closure of one of the oldest residential Jenas, 26 Market Street
Opening the cafeteria "masterpiece"
regular supply of eco-justice in the dining halls
Students can access the wired through the BTV Jena developments on Teletext current information on the STW

Completion of the dormitory Leibnizallee, financing on SWF program
Implementation of various conventions in a student house
Partnership meeting the student Weimar, Marburg, Krakow and Poitiers in Poitiers


Refurbishment of facilities for children in the Student Union
Expansion of a former apprentice accommodation in Erfurt, Klingenthaler way into a modern residence.

Reconstruction of Mensa Schmalkalden in the summer
Week of the Ilmenau Mensa 25th anniversary
Refurbishment of facilities for children in the Student Union

Groundbreaking for the new cafeteria Ernst-Abbe-Platz
Completion of the refurbishment of Friesweg 7
Outing to the Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nuremberg on the occasion of the 10-year twinning Jena-Erlangen

Closure of the cafeteria at the Academy of Music because of construction and opening of a cafeteria in the alternate object Tiefurt Allee 4
Support to the anniversary event for the 125th anniversary of the Academy of Music
Closure of the sauna of the student Weimar for technical and financial reasons
Beginning of the rehabilitation of residential Schützengasse / Hummel Street
Completion of the refurbishment in the non-renovated homes
In December, the Thuringian state parliament to amend the Student Act of 1991. The amendment to the Act of 1991 includes the consolidation of student Erfurt and Ilmenau Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau and for the student to Jena and Weimar Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar.


The common Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar on 1 Founded in January 1998. The office of the Student Union is located in Jena, Philosophenweg 22nd Managing Director, Dr. Ralf Schmidt-Röh.

Introduction of organic food in the student house in Weimar
Inauguration of the new developments Leibnizallee 10a and Griesbachstrasse 8
Opening INFOtakes in Jena and Weimar. These service centers provide students information on services offered by the Studentenwerk
Trinational meeting in Poitiers (France) by student representatives from Marburg, Jena, Krakow and Poitiers
Presentation of the services offered on their own websites on the Internet
Concept for a unified corporate design, tendering a contest for a logo
Transfer housing Schützengasse 2 in Weimar
Since the establishment of Cooperative Education of Thuringia, Gera State Academy, the Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar for the care of the students in charge Gera

The Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau created on 01/01/1998 by the inclusion of the student in Erfurt Ilmenau. The managing director is Dr. Rolf Pfeifer Will. The administrative headquarters established in Erfurt. The merger of the administrative structure is completed mid-year.

Opening of the dining hall at FH Nordhausen. Nordhausen is the fourth location of the student.
Beginning of the partnership relations with the Foundation of the Silesian University in Katowice
Commencement of negotiations on the involvement of the student in the use of the facility design Castel Sant'Angelo in Erfurt. In the "barn" is to create the student dormitory rooms and set up a Student Information Centre
Invitation to a competition for a new logo in April
Inauguration of the new dorm facility at the fairgrounds in May Schmalkalden
Handover of the renovated dormitory H in Ilmenau in the winter
For the first time publication of a student calendar. The newspapers of the former student Erfurt and Ilmenau be merged since October - it appears the information magazine "stip"
The new student is exhibiting for the day in Thuringia Ilmenau and University street in Erfurt with a new image


Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau

As a sign of common identity Jena-Weimar decision for the design concept of the Dutchman Wim Westerveld to enforce a complex corporate identity - Developing a lettering Jena-Weimar and a Related, logo in blue and red-orange, developing an in-house PC-writing and a modified layout for the student magazine Infood
Closure of the canteen in the opening of the new dining hall and Uniturm Ernst-Abbe-Platz square in Jena, single PC-POS system in Jena and Weimar
initial organization of residential space in the exchanges INFOtakes of Jena and Weimar
Transfer of three rehabilitated apartment houses: the smallest student residence in Thuringia, with nine seats in the Belvedere Allee 21a (former coach house), 2 Phase in the shooter lane / road Hummel 2 in Weimar and Jena in Kötschauweg 2a
7.-14.07.1999 International Student Cultural Festival in Jena and Weimar in the European City of Culture 1999, with participants from Erlangen, Krakow, Marburg, Nuremberg, Poitiers and Rennes

Kitchen Renovation in an eight-month construction period in the cafeteria Ilmenau. The student receives the grant approval from the country. Thus the Ilmenau Mensa is the last among the Thuringian cafeterias, which was redeveloped
In Nordhausen, a second residence hall renovated pass
The Erfurt student club "PHauker" is replaced in the back rooms renovated cafeteria area
The fee structure of the student enters into force in November. The amount of the enrollment fee is 30 DM
As a fifth location, the student takes over from September Eisenach with the students at the Vocational Thuringia


Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau

Closure of the leased residential street in Weimar Bonhoeffer
Renovation of the kindergarten Landgrafenstieg
Travel of staff to Rennes, exchange of experience with the partner institution
Introduction of new software in the TELOS Mietbuchhaltung, the financial accounting and inventory control
Enforcement of the new corporate design at all in-house publications and the public (signs, posters, etc.) according to recommendations of a manual
Transformation of the websites according to the CD, in German and English
Opening of the new development Amalienstr. 1-3 in Weimar, WAS 2000/01
Residential rehabilitation start Jenertal

The statutes of the Student Erfurt-Ilmenau comes into force.
At the beginning of the winter completion of rehabilitation work at a hostel in Erfurt
For October, the dormitory and cafeteria Mainzer Street will be closed. The utilization of all residence hall capacity is difficult in Erfurt.
Beginning of the restoration on the dorm I in Ilmenau
At the beginning of the winter semester, the students relate the FH Schmalkalden a new dormitory. At the same time the student receives a new cafeteria on the campus of FH.
In Nordhausen be rebuilt on the campus Weinberghof two residential buildings to residential homes.


Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau

Increase in applications for funding through the adoption of the Training Assistance Reform Act (AföRG)
Opening of the cafeteria at the University of Jena
Opening the cafeteria in the Thuringian University and State
Visit by Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in the cafeteria Philosophenweg
Inauguration of the new development Erich-Markel-Haus, Leibnizallee 10b in Weimar
Inauguration of the new development house Karl von Hase, Jenertal 4 in Jena
Reopening of the housing complex Emil-Wölk-Str. 7 in Jena
Initiation of student mentors in the new developments in Jena and Weimar
Completion of rehabilitation work at the daycare center in Jena Landgrafenstieg
Ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the Student

at the site can Ilmenau in October after a complete renovation of the hostel I will be again based
In one of the two dormitories Schmalkalden goes to the Jahn meadow on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden in the rehabilitation, restoration in Nordhausen be carried out jointly with the State Construction Office to the residence halls Weinberghof 13/14
Ceremony, 10 years student on 20 June in Erfurt
BAföG Symposium of the German Student in Erfurt


Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau

Benchmarking of the East German Participation in AG Student
Ökoworkshop in Weimar
Organization of the photo contest at the partner universities of Halle-Leipzig-Jena
Modernization work at the daycare center Merketalstraße in Weimar
Participation of the manager of meeting of the European Council for Student Affairs in Oslo and participation in DSW-study trip to Chicago
Beginning of the remodeling of the future residential Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 8
Beginning of the renovation Kita Fuchsturmweg
Welcoming the two-millionth meal score of the year in the cafeterias of the Studentenwerk

The creche at the Student Union celebrates the Ilmenau University campus its 25th anniversary and the naming of the nursery "Students fleas"
The day care "Dwarf House" of the Student Union celebrates its 40th anniversary at the Erfurt Uni-Campus
FH Schmalkalden celebrates 100th anniversary
The Ilmenau Mensa celebrates with a festival its 30th anniversary
In October, opened the newly renovated and furnished, and students retreat "on the university campus in Erfurt
At the site of Ilmenau in October begins the rehabilitation of the dormitory Q
In Schmalkalden in October is the second residence on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden in the renovation. The first residence hall houses since the beginning of the students again Wintrsemesters
In Nordhausen, the rehabilitation work completed together with the Staatsbauaamt to the dormitories Weinberghof 13/14
Repair and rehabilitation work to be carried out in two new developments of Erfurt
Resident Assistant Program in the student dormitories of Ilmenau started


Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau

5 years together Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar
Introduction of cashless payment using the "thoska" in the cafeteria in Weimar
Inauguration of the new development Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 8 in Jena with a photovoltaic system was built
Participation in the benchmarking group "Housing"
Customer satisfaction survey in the new developments in Jena and Weimar
Inauguration of the renovated nursery Fuchsturmweg
Evaluation of the care of the student union by the Berlin Institute PädQuis
Publication of key performance indicators of student Jena-Weimar and Erfurt-Ilmenau in common brochure
Choice of the manager in the DSW Board

In the summer semester the student begins in cooperation with the academic international offices and the student center of Castel Sant'Angelo, the project "Café International"
Launching the new website of the Student in April
In the July decision of the City to award a grant in the term of 80 € for principal residence workers
The Erfurt cafeteria in the North celebrates its 20th Street Houses Birthday
For the first time in November both Thüringer student do with a brochure entitled "The student in Thuringia" attention to himself


Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau

Certification of the dining halls to DIG (German Institute for Community Board)
Opening of the canteen in the BA Thuringia in Gera
Inauguration of the rehabilitated housing Johann-Griesbach-Str. 7 in Jena
Inauguration of newly designed playgrounds in day care centers Merketalstraße in Weimar and Seidel Road in Jena
Signing of the framework to "purchasing cooperation Ost"
Expansion of cashless payment with thoska on selected sites in Jena
Participation of the manager at the German-French Colloquium in Bonn
Initiation of the project "Strangers become friends in Weimar
Customer satisfaction analysis for social affairs and culture in collaboration with students at the University of Applied Sciences Jena
Down on merger of the Jena-Weimar Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau Student Union to a common region by the Thuringian state government

Signing of a cooperation agreement on cooperation in the department of Public Business "on 10 February of the Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau with FH Nordhausen
Opening the cafeteria "mini" in the lecture hall on the third Ilmenau May
In the cafeteria Ilmenau builds the student cafeteria of the simple one Italian "Pastaria" illusion with Mediterranean paintings
In Erfurt, the Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau passes after about year of renovation work on 23 September the modern dormitory Alfred-Weber-Platz 2 on campus
Since 1 October offers the student in the premises of the Erfurt Angelo to his Social
Receiving the last Robert-Bosch-tutors from the U.S., France and the Czech Republic on 8 October. After thirteen successful years, finished the Robert Bosch Foundation to host the winter semester 05/06 program to support a new project


Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau

Participation in the campaign "tandem" of the East German student, Thuringian chefs journey to Potsdam / Golm cafeteria, cooks from the Studentenwerk Potsdam as a guest in Jena, Ernst-Abbe-Platz Mensa
Beginning of the renovation of the cafeteria Carl-Zeiss-Promenade in Jena, fall meals in the "tent Mensa"
Celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of the student house in Jena Philosophenweg 20
Formation of a project with the students Erfurt-Ilmenau for the realization of the planned merger in Studentenwerk Thüringen
Implementation of the DSW meeting of the heads of student services staff positions in Jena
Study of the manager with DSW delegation to China
Opening of the Training Assistance service offices in the student house Philosophenweg 20
Organization of the photo contest at the partner universities of Halle-Leipzig-Jena
Election of the GF for a further term to the board of DSW

Implementation of the new organizational structure in the Student Union with the aim to save two places on the Executive Board
Gradual introduction of new software, first in the dining halls and cafeterias
Repair of pipes and sanitary facilities in the hostel Plauener way in Erfurt
Renovation of the dining room in the cafeteria Nordhäuser street in Erfurt
Beginning of the basic rehabilitation of residence at the first E in Ilmenau October
Beginning of our work in the cafeteria Ilmenau and set up the "Academic Service Centers" in the fourth quarter of 2005
Adoption of the new law student in the Thuringian state parliament on 22 December


Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau

In March, the renovation work began in Weimar, residential street blow cock (renovation of the former building of the team blow cock barracks), completed in December
27/04/2006 days of the apprentice
Publication of the brochure "Studying in Jena - Guide for International Students"
01:07:06 15 years student of Jena and Weimar
9/30/2006 closure of the "tent Mensa"
5:10:06 reopening the cafeteria Carl-Zeiss-Promenade redevelopment
8:10:06 Photo Club in Wagner moves into the adult education center to
18.10. Celebration of the Opening of the canteen CZP.
17:10:06 Opening WH Spitzweidenweg 11
On 31.12.2006 merger of the two student unions Erfurt-Ilmenau and Jena-Weimar decision of the Thuringian state parliament of 22 December 2005

Preparation of the Act set out in the student union merger of the two student unions on 31.12.2006 to the Studentenwerk Thüringen.
In March, opened, Pastaria "and use the 'Pavilion Cafe" on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
New coffee bar in the cafeteria set up Ilmenau
Opening of the Academic Service Center in Ilmenau
Cafe International celebrates five year anniversary
On 11 and 12 May was held in Erfurt in the dorm meeting of the Deutsches Studentenwerk
After a year of construction was at 20.10. In 2006 the renovated residence hall Max-Planck-Ring 10 House E passed on the Ilmenau Campus
The World Cup soccer fans celebrated thousands of Mensa field in Ilmenau
15 th anniversary of the student Erfurt-Ilmenau
31.12.2006 merged, the student Erfurt-Ilmenau and Jena-Weimar

2007 Studentenwerk Thüringen

Relocation of the Department of Financial service offices in Jena, including the new office building "Am Planetarium 4"
thüringenweite introduction of ID cards for children students children in all dining halls
01/30/2007 Streichhahnstr opening new development. 4/4a in Weimar
Early February, demolition of the barracks WH Mason Street in Jena
in March, celebrates the day care center in Jena Fuchsturmweg its 40th anniversary with an open day
April is the psycho-social counseling in Nordhausen and Schmalkalden and offered on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Jena, and the general social and in Nordhausen on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Jena
Action tandem with Stuwe Oder Frankfurt (24 - 26.04.07 Mensa Europe Frankfurt / O. attended Mensa Carl-Zeiss-Promenade Jena; 5 - 7:06:07 Mensa Carl-Zeiss-Promenade Jena visited Frankfurt)
25/04/2007 reopening Kita Seidel road to rehabilitation in Jena
21:04:07 30 years nursery "Students fleas" Ilmenau
training in June of residential tutors in Ilmenau
in August, first contact with the French CROUS Amiens-Picardie
11.-09.13.2007 DSW-Mensa meeting in Jena, Philosophenweg Mensa
in October, the beginning of the complete renovation of the residential Karl-Marx-Allee in Jena
In early October launch of the new Internet presence of the student union Thuringia
in October set up a "campus-family offices" at the TU Ilmenau
Introduction of thoska as employee ID card at all locations Thuringian
be cared for since November on the campus in Schmalkalden students children of a childminder in rooms of the Student
Action tandem with student Chemnitz, 6-8:11:07 Mensa Mensa Chemnitz visited Ehrenberg Ilmenau; 13th 15:11:07 Mensa Ilmenau visited Chemnitz)
15:11:07 13-DSW-consultant meeting in Erfurt
2008 Studentenwerk Thüringen

Introduction of cashless payment thoska in the dining halls and Nordhausen Gera
Introduction of microwave ovens for heating baby food in all dining halls Thuringian
Introduction of fairly traded tea and snacks in the dining halls and cafeterias, as well as a weekly lunch with bio-components in all dining halls
in March, introducing a new corporate design and a new logo
in April, start of the project "Housing for aid" in cooperation with the FSU Jena
14:04:08 Opening the cafeteria parking deck in Weimar
16:04:08 attend the Education Fair in Ostthüringer Gera
6th cook until 8:05:08 Tandem Action: Team of the cafeteria in the cafeteria Jena Philosophenweg Hospital in Dresden
27th cook until 05/29/2008 Tandem Action: Team of the Hospital of Dresden in the Mensa Mensa in Jena Philosophenweg
from July are available for students in Jena children a welcome package in cooperation with the FH and the FSU Jena
5:07:08 fire at a housing complex Weinberghof 5/5a in Nordhausen
21:07:08 cooperation agreement in support of elite athletes of the TU Ilmenau, Thuringia with the Olympic Training Center and the General Association of German Universities
completion in September of the first Construction phase of the redevelopment project housing Karl-Marx-Allee 5 in Jena
In October, the first issue of Student magazine Infood the new layout and color process
In October, the housing 38a Mason Street in Jena ready
in October, opening a service office of the department of studies in Ilmenau
30.10.2008 Inauguration of the crèche, "Seidel house" in Jena, after extensive renovation of the house and the garden
6:11:08 opening of the shop "WIESEL" at Erfurt Hauptbahnhof Erfurt in cooperation with the universities, the student center of Castel Sant'Angelo and the city of Erfurt
7:11:08 participation in the event "underworld of science," the city of Jena with the canteen Ernst-Abbe-Platz
23rd 11/27/2008 visit to a Polish student group from Katowice
25th 11/27/2008 Team to the cafeteria cooks Blechhammer from Schmalkalden in Zwickau
1:12:08 launch of flexible childcare facilities for children of student-June, FH, and FSU Jena Jena on the university campus
2:12:08 Open House at the opening of the International Centre in the house on the wall in Jena
2nd 4:12:08 tandem to action: Zwickau cooks in the cafeteria Blechhammer in Schmalkalden
9:12:08 cooperation agreement with the city, the university, the University of Jena in order to Jena for a student-friendly city in Europe will have to
10:12:08 inauguration 4-6 Maria Street residence in Weimar, acts as an intermediary in the student union of Places
12:12:08 inauguration of the new development Maurer Road 38a in Jena
10th 12:06:08 up visit by a delegation from the French CROUS Amiens-Picardie
15:12:08 inauguration of the flexible childcare JUNE children in Jena
2009 Studentenwerk Thüringen

20:02:09 Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee visit at the daycare center Landgrafenstieg
24.02. Delivery of the 100th Baby package to students of the FSU Jena
09.2.-20.03. Kitchen remodeling in Mensa Philosophenweg
5/11/2009 signing of the cooperation with the CROUS Amiens-Picardie in Ilmenau
10th 13:05:09 - French delegation visited the Studentenwerk Thüringen
April: Student receives funding from the DAAD in the amount of 116,000 € to set up a contact and coordination in the International Centre in Jena (house on the wall)
the beginning of the SS 2009 train ticket to Thuringia extended (Thuringia ticket), plus the introduction of the semester for graduates
Flächdendeckende introduction of fair trade coffee and tea in the dining halls and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Thüringen
4:05:09 "Campus Cooking" in the cafeteria Abbe-Platz with celebrity chef Patrick Gebhardt
Student will appeal body for financial support, based in Weimar, Marie Straße 15a
May: Start of consultation on the 19th Social Survey of the DSW
2nd - 14 5th 09 Action Tandem - Frankfurt team visited the cafeteria Carl-Zeiss-Promenade in Jena
26.-28.05.09 Action Tandem - Jena team of Mensa Carl-Zeiss-Straße cooks in "Casino" in Frankfurt aM
05.27.2009 Inauguration of the new rooms of the kindergarten in Ilmenau, including the campus-family offices of the TU Ilmenau in these rooms
5:06:09 Guinnesrekord in Jena, Stadtrodaer street, longest chalk drawing in the world (including the support of the Stuwe)
from June payment thoska in Schmalkalden
6th-31.08.09 intern Martha Journet from Marseilles to the internship at the Student Thuringia, S & K Area
September 2009 demolition of some barracks on the grounds of the residential street Naumburg
21:09:09 handover of Welcome Packs to foreign students in the residential Johann-Griesbach-Straße
28.09-1.10.09 - MA CROUS exchange with the Amiens-Picardie, 2 Kolln. from France to learn purchasing and Other. Management know
Introduction of a common "coffee-to-go cup in all the East German student unions and a single menu to the semester start" sharp start "
For the first time a student of BA as an apprentice at the Student Gera Thuringia, S & K area, specialty nurseries
09/29/2009 Adoption of the cooking apprentices of the vintage 2009 in the cafeteria Philosophenweg
10:09:09 8th visit to a student delegation to visit the AGH Krakow in Thuringia
9:10:09 1st Groundbreaking on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen for new residential and day care center
16th-19-11.09 visit of a delegation of the Student Thuringia CROUS Amiens-Picardie
23:11:09 sample cooking in the cafeteria of the new BA Eisenach
25.011.09 surrender of the certificate "Kindergarten Movement" to the Kita Seidelstraße
11:12:09 official opening of the canteen at the BA Eisenach
7:12:09 adoption from active working life by the Deputy Managing Director, Dr. Will Pfeifer
December 2009 start of renovation of a housing Karl-Marx-Allee in Jena 1,3,5
2010 Studentenwerk Thüringen

16:01:10 fire in a student residence Plauener path 8 in Erfurt
08.02. to ... Reconstruction of the road in Mensa Nord houses Erfurt
08th 12:02:10 up staff exchanges: Visit by members of Mensa Bateaux à Port of Compiègne in Thuringia
14:04:10 Public presentation of the flexible child care facility "Robbers Cave" on the university campus in Erfurt
24.04.10 Participation in the first Health Day at FSU Jena
25.04.10 public inspection in the residential Karl-Marx-Allee in Jena 1,3,5
26.04.10 topping-out ceremony for the new housing complex with day care center on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen
04th cook until 6:05:10 staff exchange: Student chefs from the Frankfurt / Main in the cafeteria Carl-Zeiss-Promenade in Jena

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