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Fachhochschule Niederrhein
Krefeld, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

The Lower School is in the German university a renowned and attractive education and research facility. Innovative and international courses, intensive care during the study, training on the pulse of the practice and applied science and an attractive cultural environment speak for study at locations in Krefeld and Moenchengladbach.

With some 10,400 students is the Niederrhein University of the five largest universities in Germany. This year alone about 2,000 freshmen started their studies at the Hochschule Niederrhein. With an occupancy rate of 137 percent, it is the most popular institution (including universities) in North Rhine-Westphalia. When founded on 1 August 1971, three engineering colleges, technical colleges and a converted eight of Industrial Art in it. Of the predecessor institutions had in 1855 established National Institute of Textile Engineering School in Krefeld being the longest tradition. Until now, the space Krefeld / Mönchengladbach, a center of the German textile industry and textile machinery.

Today, the Lower School, a regional institution with nationwide broadcast and - particularly in textiles and clothing - an international reputation. On average their study, many women (41.4 percent) and foreigners (15.0 percent). They come from over 100 countries, with Turkey and Morocco dominate.

At the headquarters of the university in the departments of chemistry Krefeld, design, electrical engineering and computer science, engineering and process engineering, industrial engineering and health care are offered. On location in Mönchengladbach the Departments Oecotrophology, social services, textile and apparel technology and economics are based.

Currently more than 40 courses are tailored to the needs of the region and to changes in the labor market. Buoyed by the border situation with the Netherlands produced in collaboration with Fontys Hogeschool Venlo two European studies in Logistics Management and mechatronics as well as in connection with the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, a European study Oecotrophology focusing Nutrition and Dietetics and a Bachelor's and Master cultural education.

Together with the Hogeschool Enschede a specialization in "Lackingenieurwesen / Materiaalbescherming" is offered. An integrated study abroad also offers the German-French course in "International Marketing". International transactions are possible in 19 bachelor's and 15 master's courses are added seven graduate degree programs, which are converted in that year. In addition, take the offers a dual degree programs and professional accompanying an increasingly important role.

Our Mission - Crossing Borders
Borders are becoming more frequent. Both the national and the boundaries between scientific disciplines. The boundaries between humans and technology have and will continue to change.

Globalisation and the rapid development of information technology leading to new forms of cooperation. Flexible value-added networks pose new challenges to the qualifications and behavior of students, teachers and staff.

Innovations are common in modern times due to the fact that the limits are exceeded between disciplines. Formerly separate areas come together, thereby creating synergies. Hence the need for collective and personal actions do not separate, but integrated and therefore an interdisciplinary focus.

Professional excellence and integrative competence are the training objectives and basis for teaching and research at the Niederrhein University.

The guiding principles of the Niederrhein University.

Partnership. Students, teachers and staff are partners. Mutual respect and the will, even with different views, opinions and tasks to reach an agreement are, of course.

Tolerance. The Lower School is a place where people encounter prejudice, inspire and encourage.

Sustainability. No generation should cost the subsequent live on. The Niederrhein University takes over and provides environmental and social responsibility.

Courses of studies ordered by department
Department 01 - Chemistry
Chemical engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
Chemical engineering (Master of Engineering)
Chemical Engineering, Cooperative Engineering Education (Bachelor of Engineering)
Chemistry and Biotechnology (Bachelor of Science)
Chemistry and Biotechnology, cooperative engineering training (Bachelor of Science )
Computer Aided Process Engineering (Master of Science )
Department 02 - Design
Design (Bachelor of Arts)
Department 03 - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)
Computer Science (Master of Science)
Electrical engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
Electrical Engineering, cooperative engineering training (Bachelor of Engineering)
Information Technolgoy and Communication Techniques (Master of Engineering)
Department 04 - Mechanical and Process Engineering
Computer Aided Process Engineering (Master of Science)
Mechanical engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mechanical Engineering, Cooperative Engineering Studies (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mechatronics (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mechatronics, Cooperative Engineering Studies (Bachelor of Engineering)
Process engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
Process Engineering, cooperative engineering training (Bachelor of Engineering)
Product Development in Mechanical Engineering (Master of Science)
Department 05 - Nutritional Science and Home Economics
Catering, Tourism and Hospitality Services (Bachelor of Science)
Ecotrophology (Bachelor of Science)
Nutrition and Food Science (Master of Science)
Department 06 - Social Work
Combined continuing education course in social management (Master of Arts)
Cultural Education (Bachelor of Arts)
Cultural Education and Culture Management (Master of Arts)
Psychosocial Guidance and Mediation (Master of Arts)
Social work (Bachelor of Arts)
Social Work part-time study (Bachelor of Arts)
Department 07 - Textile and Clothing Technology
Design Engineering (Bachelor of Science)
Textile and Clothing Management (Bachelor of Science)
Textile and Clothing Management (Master of Science)
Textile and Clothing Technology, cooperative training in engineering (Bachelor of Science)
Textile Products (Master of Science)
Textile technology and clothing engineering (Bachelor of Science)
Department 08 - Economics
Business Administration (Bachelor of Arts)
Business Administration with an Economic Law study line, combined course (Bachelor of Arts)
Business Law (career-integrated degree course) (Bachelor of Laws)
Business Law (career-integrated degree course) (Master of Laws)
Business Management (Master of Arts)
Career-Integrated Business Management Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
Information Systems (Bachelor of Science)
Information Systems (Master of Science)
Management (Master of Business Administration)
Taxation and Auditing (Bachelor of Arts)
Department 09 - Industrial Engineering and Health Care
Health Care Management (Bachelor of Science)
Health Care Management (Master of Science)
Health Care Management, part-time (Bachelor of Science)
Industrial engineering (Bachelor of Science)
Industrial Engineering - Human Engineering (Master of Science)
Industrial Engineering - Production and Logistics (Master of Engineering)

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