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Fachhochschule München
München, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

Versatile Study, efficient study

The University of Munich is the largest university of applied sciences of the Free State of Bavaria and one of the largest of its kind in Germany. A versatile Study, which efficiently organized study and personal contact with the professors make the University of Munich to a highly sought college.

Munich is one of the leading business centers in Europe and a renowned university town. In this context, developed at the University of Munich, a highly qualified and application oriented courses. In recent university rankings of commercial paper, business week, and many of our faculties CHE occupied top positions in each case. The professors maintain excellent links with professional practice and allow the students a quick introduction to working life.

The internationally oriented economic region of Munich, the labor market orientation of the University of Munich, however, is not limited to the regional framework, but applied far beyond the Munich area also. The international character of the university presses around the world not only in many partnerships with universities, but also in the international comparability of financial statements that provide our students and on the global labor market very good chance.

Are currently being offered over 60 diploma, bachelor and master degrees. Some 470 professors, 460 lecturers and 600 staff serving more than 14,500 students. The sustainable quality orientation of the University of Munich is expressed, inter alia, that all present at the Munich University Masters courses offered are either already accredited or are in accreditation procedures.

The University of Munich offers as part of their technical, economic, social and practical design, in future studies. The Master's programs are the qualifications for expansion already successfully completed their first degree (Diploma or Bachelor degree).

The undergraduate degree programs with the completion of an academic graduate degree - including practical semester - are usually established on eight semesters, in Bachelor degree programs at six or seven semesters.

Architecture (BA)
"Show me how you build, and I'll tell you who you are." (Christian Morgenstern) life needs changing. Architects respond to and seek for solutions through dialogue with people. The Bachelor Degree Architecture at the University of Munich is preparing the way for this. How do you build?

Civil Engineering (Bachelor)
Driving without roads, tunnels and bridges? Life without toilet and shower? Thanks unimaginable civil engineering. Civil engineers are creators. They simplify life and make it enjoyable. We are looking for bright minds that simplify the world with the degree Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

Automotive and aircraft engineering (Diplom (FH))
Higher, faster, further! Thus, the course employs vehicle and aircraft technology. Aircraft technicians develop, manufacture, maintain, test and check vehicles and aircraft. Flyer searched for studies diploma vehicle and aircraft technology.

Mechanical Engineering (Diplom (FH))
Mechanical engineering is one of Germany's key industries. Looking for creative people with imagination and mathematical and scientific talent, the joy of the practical course will have a diploma in mechanical engineering.

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Bachelor)
Life without a computer, mobile phone or TV? Unthinkable, thanks to electronic and information technology. The course introduces students to the electrical and information and provides practical knowledge in future technologies.

Renewable energy - Energy (Bachelor)
Renewable energy is THE option for the future and the climate. The Munich University trains young people in the Bachelor Degree Renewable energies so that they can actively contribute to the preservation of the environment. Wanted will combine innovative minds, the passion and competence.

Print and Media Technology (Bachelor)
Manual production steps Comes Spring - hello digital networking. The integration of the latest media opens up opportunities for creative engineers. The Bachelor Degree printing and media technology to provide the University of Munich.

Process paper and packaging (Bachelor)
Well packaged is half won! Beyond paper and packaging products are high-tech global industries that rely on innovation of young engineers. The University of Munich, forms renowned practical and Europe: Bachelor of Engineering and paper packaging.

Utilities and building services (Bachelor)
Worries about the future? provide dispose Lieber and learn as part of the course Bachelor utilities and building services. The Munich University teaches the students, building environmentally friendly technology in turn to feel good.

Optometry (BA)
"You just have to see if one has eyes, and everything is evolving." (Goethe) In order for development to take place, offers the University of Munich from the winter of 2010 Bachelor Degree Optometry.

Biological Engineering (Bachelor)
The Bioengineering is located at the interface of science and technology and has a strong biological orientation. The University of Munich offers a broad training in this interdisciplinary degree program Bachelor shaped Bioengineering.

Chemical Engineering (Bachelor)
Career from the test tube? Interest in scientific and technical issues? Understanding of complex relationships? Then, studying Bachelor Chemical Engineering at the University of Munich is right for you.

Mechatronics / Precision Engineering (Bachelor)
The Bachelor of Mechatronics and Precision Engineering is a modern engineering education, which enables you to face the ever faster changing demands of the globalized world of work.

Production and Automation (international) (Bachelor)
A future perspective offered by the program (international) Bachelor of production and automation of the University of Munich, as the demand for skilled workers. We are looking for smart and highly motivated heads with interest in economic and production related issues.

Engineering Physics (Bachelor)
Engineering Physics is the implementation of physical findings into useful and environmentally friendly processes and products. This calls for creative ideas and knowledge of natural laws and materials. The University of Munich offers the right degree program: Bachelor of Engineering Physics.

Production and automation (BA)
A future perspective offers the Bachelor Degree production and automation of the University of Munich, as the demand for skilled workers in the wake of globalization is increasing. We are looking for smart and highly motivated heads with interest in economic and production related issues.

Management (Bachelor)
Business administration or computer science? Why not both? Management integrates both disciplines. WirtschaftsinformatikerInnen have an interpreter function. They speak two languages, computer science and business administration. The course teaches both languages Systems.

Scientific Computing (Bachelor's)
They have logical thinking and abstraction? You enjoy solving tricky problems? Then the degree Bachelor Scientific Computing at the University of Munich is right for you.

Computer science (Bachelor)
Departure into the digital millennium - be there! We are looking for logical thinking tinkerers who are communicative and have no fear of mathematics. Bachelor computer science study at the University of Munich means we maintain a balance between theory, practice and experience.

Geoinformatics and satellite positioning (Bachelor)
measure with the best? Geoinformatics is a new field that has evolved from the traditional field of surveying and meets a bridge between computer science and the geosciences. The University of Munich offers for the Bachelor of Geoinformatics.

Geotelematik and navigation (Bachelor)
Their interests are diverse? Mathematics, computer science and communications technology will be in the blood? Are you creative? Then dive into the world of information? learn the diverse range of Geoteleomatik know and study the Bachelor Degree Geotelematik.

Cartography and Geomedia (Bachelor)
Where do you want? S go? The card is three dimensional, interactive and multimedia! Cards look back on a long tradition and in the course of the information society to a dazzling future. The Munich University offers prospective students the varied Bachelor degree Cartography.

Automotive Management (Bachelor's)
Her first word was car, and not Mom? They are desperate to get into the automotive industry foot? Quickly enter and study there, where is the work: in the sunny south. Get at a place in the sun? studying the Bachelor Degree Automotive Management of the University of Munich.

Logistics Management (Bachelor's)
As the mountain comes to Mohammed? Logistics Management is moving. We are looking for team players young people with organizational skills and interest in economic, technological and social developments, the desire to have the Bachelor degree varied logistics management.

Industrial Engineering (Bachelor)
The economy is their world? You are looking for an entry? The Bachelor degree Industrial Engineering offers perspectives. We are looking for practitioners with a view of economic relationships and a tendency to study engineering.

Business Administration (Bachelor)

Bull or Bear? Take advantage of the University of Munich as a career springboard. We are looking for team players heads with the courage to face the challenges of internationalization and globalization. The Bachelor degree Business Administration is a fitting introduction to the business world.

Nursing (Bachelor)

Care is an increasingly important issue. The care of elderly, ill and disabled people is the focus of the course Bachelor care, which provides skills for professional information, advice and guidance to patients and relatives.

BASA Online Social Work (Bachelor)

The focus of social work on people and their problems. We are looking for a problem solver with a positive inner image of man and enjoy working with people. The study of Bachelor of Social Work provides professional action, values and norms of social work.

Social Innovation Management (Bachelor)
Society is changing rapidly. Change needs sustainable innovation. We are looking for creative minds full of ideas with a view to change. The study of Bachelor Management teaches social innovations to stimulate social innovation, to accompany, control and evaluate.

Education and training in childhood-Beki (BA)
Children are the future. Send your education to the professionals, is an investment in the future. The Bachelor degree in childhood education is aimed at educators and allows itself to this, executive and visual activities.

Social Work (Bachelor

Social work is a vocation! implement social justice, integrating disadvantaged people and improve living conditions are core functions of social work. Bachelor Degree in Social Work students learn, people to provide advice and assistance to.

Design (Bachelor)
Shape the world? to study design at the University of Munich means a perfect synthesis of theory and practice, whether photo design, industrial design or communications design. We are looking for the degree Bachelor experimental design interior designers creative world.

Tourism Management (Bachelor)

Wanderlust? We are looking for inquisitive minds with organizational skills and interest in foreign countries and cultures. The study of Bachelor Tourism Management at the University of Munich next to teach hospitality and the technical know-how and social service capabilities.

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