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Fachhochschule Jena
Jena, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

Facts and Figures
The Fachhochschule Jena education rests on three pillars: engineering,
business administration and social sciences.

With the start of the winter semester 2009/10 Jena, UAS in the eight disciplines
36 different programs of study at.

The conversion to the Bachelor's and Master's degrees has been completed with the successful accreditation of all programs at the FH Jena since the year 2007.

With the winter semester 2009/10 5027 students studying at the university, including 1405 first-year students and 257 foreign students.

Teach the students of 127 professors,
five professors and 14 lecturers representative for special assignments.

Working alongside the other 235 employees, currently about
50 ladies and gentlemen, as a third-party employees at the university.

Among the 365 employees of the University of Jena also includes three trainees.

At present more than 26,000 mē floor space available to the University of Jena has more than 124 well-equipped specialist laboratories, laboratory units, and special training rooms.

Furthermore, the students are seven modern classrooms and 52 seminar rooms.

On campus, there are five architecturally noteworthy buildings that house the classes, staff rooms and laboratories.

There is also a student housing complex with 320 seats, a newly renovated cafeteria and a parking garage with 330 parking spaces.

The interior of the houses is characterized by a high light transmission and clear architectural lines. This also contributes to an optimal learning environment.

The Fachhochschule Jena education rests on three pillars: engineering, business administration and social sciences.

Department of Business Administration

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Department of Basic Sciences

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Medical Technology and Biotechnology


Department of Social

Department of Industrial Engineering

The Department of Business Administration offers the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and the Master in General Management ".

The Department of Business Administration provides a practical, theoriefundiertes and the latest scientific knowledge-oriented high-quality program of study. This study program is in its first stage of a consecutive Bachelor and Master degree program.

A bachelor's degree in the course "Business Administration" forms of scientific and practical basis with a view on, in business professions in industry and government to provide capacity building economic, where the application of eco sheep of scientific knowledge, skills and methods is necessary.

The Bachelor's degree qualified, in public service for the higher civil service career.

The master program is a qualified in-depth training in economic theory and practice, students with the capacity addition to grasp complex issues and adequately respond to. Students should include the perspective and networked functions, processes and decisions in markets, business and management will give an integrated.

The Master's degree opens up career to higher service and promotion.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology offers the following courses:

- Automation / Information Technology International
- Electrical / Automation
- Communication and Media Technology
- Technical computer science

- System Design
- Mechatronics
- Aerospace Electronics

For the Mechatronics is cooperation with the Departments of Mechanical and SciTec.

Electrical engineering, information technology and electronics permeate all areas of technology today and are an indispensable part of everyday life. It is stretched by the generation of electrical energy and its use, and a wide field of microelectronics. Particular importance has won the microprocessor and computer technology, which control the data processing and communications technology, and constitute the backbone of control engineering and process automation.
Mastering the complexity resulting from the interaction of electrical engineering and information technology with the mechanics, is the subject of mechatronics.

The courses with their application-profile reflect this major field of application and provide equitable opportunities for specialization. For example, master's degree in electrical engineering system design, the Mesomodule Automation, Embedded Systems and Optoelectronics offered for a recess.

Department of Basic Sciences

The Department of Basic Sciences does not offer separate courses, but sees itself as a "service provider". Based Department is responsible for the education of all students in mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science, computer and foreign languages. The Language Center also choose the mandatory language between English, French, Russian and Spanish. In addition, the acquisition of recognized and-institutional language certificate is offered Unicert.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the Bachelor's and Master's degree Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics.

In the bachelor of engineering, the classic of engineering studies as such, is a broad-based teaching of basic, technical and methodological expertise that covers all aspects of the technique today so interesting to: Drive - Motion - efficiency.

Anyone who wants to can deepen in a subsequent master's degree Mechanical Engineering training in selected areas. A promotion is then nothing in the way.

The study mechatronics connect the fields of science mechanics, electrical engineering and computer science. Students are interdisciplinary training on the editing of complex industrial projects transdisciplinary well prepared by this.

We are looking for the Bachelor's and Master's graduates with their knowledge not only in research and development, manufacturing, production, service and customer care but also in the purchase and sale of businesses.

In mechanical engineering eight professors as well as several staff members. Training takes place in small groups in modern laboratories: an ideal environment for the best possible study results.

Department of Medical Technology and Biotechnology

The Department of Medical Technology and Biotechnology offers the Bachelor's degree Biotechnology and Medical Technology and Master's degrees Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Medical Technology at. The interdisciplinary engineering education is in the border areas of technology, medicine and the biological sciences. It is to the graduates to apply engineering and scientific methods in medicine and in the technical use of biological processes enable.

Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field at the interface of science and engineering. As such, biotechnology is a general content of the horizon reveals the molecular, micro and cell biology and biochemistry with modern measurement and analysis methods to issues of process engineering, control engineering, information technology and apparatus engineering from.

Modern medical technology combines several engineering, technical, medical and scientific areas of knowledge to a discipline, for the health industry, the largest industrial sector of the world, is essential. Due to its strong development momentum is the medical technology as one of the top ten technologies of the 21st Century. The increasing importance of this subject area is also reflected in the annual growth rates of the considerable health care industry. German medical products are in demand, therefore, on the whole world.

SciTec - Precision - Optics - Materials - Environment

The departments of Precision Engineering, Engineering Physics and Materials Engineering University of Applied Sciences Jena joined at 01 March 2005 to the Department SciTec together.

"SciTec" stands for the combination of science (Science) and technology (Technology). The subtitle of "precision - Optics - Materials - Environment" refers to the areas of teaching and research in the new department.

With 25 professors, many employees and approximately 1,000 students is the SciTec the largest faculty of the University of Jena. It provides students in the Bachelor degree Ophthalmic (B.Sc.), Precision Engineering (B. Eng.), Laser and Optotechnologies (B. Eng.) Engineering Physics (B.Sc.), Process-Environment (B. Eng.) and Engineering and Master degree programs in the laser and Optotechnologies (M. Eng.) and Scientific Instrumentation (M. Sc.) out.

In the next two semesters follow the Masters Courses Materials Engineering (M. Eng.) And Optometry / Vision Sience (M. Sc.). All of the above programs are accredited.

The SciTec, in collaboration with the departments of electrical engineering / information technology and engineering at the interdepartmental degree in Mechatronics.

Department of Social

The Department of Social Work offers the Bachelor of Arts Social Work, Master of Arts in Social Work and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing distance learning and distance learning to consecutive Master of Science Nursing.

The department attaches great importance to its study the link between theory and practice and applied research.

The study of social work provides the students with the necessary knowledge, skills and methods of social work and related sciences from areas of psychology, sociology, education and law. The modules include also include health sciences, research methods, cultural communication, social policy and social management.

Graduates are after graduation in a position to qualified social work to be done methodically. Social workers are working normally in public service or in associations or voluntary sector. Its tasks are varied and include youth services, youth work, education, delinquents, social work in psychiatry and addiction, elderly, and cultural and media work.

Department of Industrial Engineering

The Department of Industrial Engineering offers students in his courses business, economic, legal and engineering skills. This enables the students to grasp the technical and economic problems and to solve independently or with the involvement of specialists.

Especially in departmental activities, such as in
Project management, controlling, auditing, logistics, materials management, research and development, technical marketing and sales, industrial engineers are in demand.

The Department offers WI since 2007, the Bachelor's degree
WI-industry, information technology and WI-WI-Plus Study and a
Master Industrial Engineering with the completion of M. Sc. at.
The programs are accredited by the Accreditation Agency ACQUIN

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