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Evangelische Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit und Diakonie
Hamburg, Germany


University description (as per official university website)

Good reputation and long tradition
The Ev. School of Social Work and Diakonia formed in 1971 social workers, social workers, deacons from since. Their tradition goes back to 1834 by Johann Hinrich Wichern founded "Brothers Institute. Your accounts are public (Bachelor, Master) and church (deacon degree) recognized.
The degree of Napping House is not only in respect of employment supports, but also highly regarded study candidates: Apply for the 65 seats of the first semester of the undergraduate Bachelor degree program in social work and social welfare work in each year up to 300 interested parties.

Integrated training
Studies at the Ev. diocesan university includes social science and theological subjects. It combines the capacity for social action with a personal focus on faith and ethics of Christianity. The decision, the office of a deacon or deaconess consecrate the church to let in and / sisterhood of Napping House to join, brothers make the students to end their studies. Many of our graduates go that way.
Study Social Work and Diakonia

The undergraduate bachelor's program in social work and social welfare work " consists of six semesters and an integrated internship. Students and teachers work intensively with practitioners. The theory and practice placements are accompanied by seminars and analyzed.
The in-service course "Social Work and Diakonia - Early Childhood Education" will start from the winter 2010.
One of accompanying Bachelor Degree in Social Work and Diakonia " for students with several years of work experience is working with the Institute of Social Practice of Napping House offered.

Master Degree Social Work - Planning and conducting
Since winter semester 2008/09, the university offers a four-semester consecutive Master's Degree in Social Work - Planning and conducting " for Bachelor and Diploma students - and graduates to research and development workshops are included in the study.

Who we are

At the university studying 330 people.

The straightforwardness of the university creates communication.
At the Ev. learn and teach in the university undergraduate bachelor's program in social work and social welfare work, "about 220 students, 10 full-time professor (inn) en and lecturer (inn) en, and about 30 lecturers. These students are about 85 in the in-service Bachelor Degree in Social Work and Diakonia. Every year 25 students are the consecutive Masters Degree in Social Work - Planning and conducting "added. The clarity of the small university offers special opportunities to all members of intensive communication, design of study programs and for participation in higher education policy.
The special profile of the Ev. College is in its integrated study program, the mandatory training in the social sciences as in the diocesan theological subject matter, one and a scientifically reflected working in the social pedagogical practice of church, social welfare, private organizations and state competent to. The combination of social science and theology provides a professional understanding that a Christian view of humanity is based. The Ev. School of Social Work and Diakonia is from the North Elbe Ev.Lutheran. Church and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg funded. Carrier of the Ev. university is the institution of the deacon Napping House with the Board of Trustees decision making body.
In the context of training there is concern of the university, students with the brotherhood and sisterhood, the concentration of the Rough House trained deacons and deaconesses, and the work of the Foundation to make the familiar Rough House. In addition, the brothers and sorority special events are offered. About the consecration as a deacon / deaconess and to entry into the brotherhood and sisterhood informed an additional information paper.

Where do we come

Deacon in 1925 students
The idea of an "assistant institute" Johann Hinrich Wichern already expressed 1832nd He submitted his entry into the rough house to the Board before this idea and found out only once a cancellation. But 1834 were the first "brothers" here, and the number of children admitted grew faster than expected. 1835 had his request for a "Brothers Institute" Success, 1839, the Board Wichern the responsibility entrusted to the development. 1842, a first message appeared on the Institute's Rough House aides as a "seminar for the Inner Mission."
The real reasons for the "brothers managed institution," as in 1844 formed a Board of Trustees. The training organization created in this way Wichern quickly gained high recognition. Wichern presented an order of the brotherhood, which he designed the family institution in accordance with the principle of children as brothers families. He called it "Seminary," which headed an elected by the brothers Konviktmeister.
The distress which he met and its remedy he saw was challenged for Wichern always the starting point for new action, because "only he can, the need to oppose in all its variety, has the courage to first small act." So he sent in the beginning of the work of the Red Cross field deacons as a medic in the German-Danish war. He pushed for support of emigrants. He supported the wandering journeymen in "Hostels for the home," was involved in the care of railway construction workers and sent the city missionaries. Today, brothers and sisters of the Rough House in Germany to find, but also overseas.
Still be in the Rough House deacons (and since 1971 also deacons) is formed. Today you have a dual qualification with a nationally recognized bachelor degree in social workers (INN) s and a church deacon conclusion as (in). They combine professional expertise in their work with Christian charity.

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