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Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
Hamilton, Canada


University description (as per official university website)

General Requirements

The requirement for admission to postsecondary programs is an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, or equivalent, with credits taken at the U, M or C level, or general and/or advanced.

Oversubscribed Programs

In some programs, Mohawk College receives more qualified applicants than can be accommodated. In this situation, the college will select the applicants based on the following:

Applications received by by February 1st of each year
Applications will be ranked by grades (In considering applicants for admission, Mohawk College will recognize the higher mark for repeat courses)
Additional criteria, such as portfolios, questionnaires and information sessions may also be considered as identified in the program admissions requirements.
Health Sciences and Human Services Program
Health Science and Human Service programs require students to complete clinical and field placements in the community as part of the program of studies. In order to be successful in field and clinical placements, students must possess a high level of English communication skills. Applicants for whom English is a second language will be required to complete a language assessment (Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test) and achieve: Listening Benchmark 8, Speaking Benchmark 8, Reading Benchmark 8 and Writing Benchmark 7, prior to entering the program. See the Applied Communications website for updated information.

Admissions Inquiries

Fennell Campus in Hamilton (Room C112) 905-575-2000
From Brantford: 519-759-7200 ext. 2000
Toll Free within Canada: 1-866-410-4795
Email: Ask Mohawk
Student success in College depends on well developed learning skills and attitudes as well as prior academic achievement. Offers of admission are based on achievement; however, recent research suggests that other skills, including good work habits, being capable of working independently or as a member of a team, being well-organized, and showing initiative, result in greatest success in college. Focusing on these skills while preparing for college will contribute significantly to your success, since they will help you to graduate.
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Priority for Admission

Students are admitted to Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in the following priority order:

Permanent residents of Ontario
Permanent residents of other Canadian provinces and territories
Other applicants
Who is a permanent resident of Ontario?

A person who fulfills one or more of the following criteria:

A person who can establish bona fide residency in Ontario as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the purposes of the Immigration Act (Canada) for a period of 12 consecutive months (excluding periods spent in a postsecondary institution) prior to registration in the year for which application is being made
A person who is dependent on a parent or legal guardian, and that parent or legal guardian can establish bona fide residency in Ontario as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the purposes of the Immigration Act (Canada) for a period of 12 consecutive months prior to registration in the year for which the application is being made. For purposes of the Admissions Policy, a person is considered to be independent of his or her parent or legal guardian if:
He or she has been out of high school for five years, or
He or she is married, widowed or divorced, or
He or she has dependent children
A person who can establish bona fide residency in Ontario as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the purposes of the Immigration Act (Canada) for a period of 12 consecutive months prior to being stationed temporarily outside of Canada as an employee of a provincial or Canadian government or an international organization.
A person who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the purposes of the Immigration Act (Canada) who has taken up permanent residency in Ontario prior to registration as part of a bona fide family relocation from another Canadian province or territory. This does not include relocating to Ontario for the sole purpose of attending an Ontario College
Evidence of bona fide residency may include (but is not restricted to) filing of provincial or territorial tax returns, eligibility to vote in a province or territory, production of a permanent driver's license or motor vehicle registration from a Canadian province or territory, proving place of employment and filing municipal tax returns.

Who is a resident of a province or territory in Canada?

An applicant who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in a province or territory for the purposes of the Immigration Act (Canada), who can establish bona fide residency in a province or territory other than Ontario, in accordance with the Ontario residency definitions outlined above.

Advanced Standing & Prior Learning
Applicants with credits from college or university may apply for advanced standing or transfer credit. Applications for advanced standing are considered on an individual basis.

Applicants should indicate on their college application form the semester in which they wish to apply. The College will then arrange for the applicant to meet with the appropriate program Associate Dean or faculty member
Advanced standing may be granted for courses which are considered by the College to be equivalent to the most current version of the program of studies
In order to qualify for a Mohawk College certificate or diploma, students using advanced standing and/or credit for prior experiential learning must complete at least 25% of the program requirements at Mohawk College
Where study has been interrupted for one or more years, the College may require students to repeat courses
Mohawk College recognizes that college-level learning can take place in a variety of settings both inside and outside the classroom. Applicants may be able to complete a college certificate or diploma program by combining prior learning with the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in a program suited to individual needs and interests. Up to 75% of course credits required to earn a Mohawk College credential may be achieved through a combination of the following sources:

Transfer Credit or Exemptions: assessment of courses that have been successfully completed at accredited postsecondary institutions
Challenge Exams: demonstration of knowledge and skills in proficiency exams evaluated by Mohawk College faculty assessors
Prior Learning Assessment by Portfolio: an individualized process where applicants would submit documentation describing prior learning with supporting evidence for review and evaluation by Mohawk College assessors and subject matter experts
Credit is granted on a course-by-course basis, and applicants should apply early to allow sufficient time for assessment. Challenge Exams and Prior Learning Assessment by Portfolio are subject to an assessment fee per course.

The granting of credits for prior learning does not guarantee entry into any program of studies. The normal admission procedure to gain entrance into any certificate or diploma program at Mohawk College should be followed.

For further information, please contact the Prior Learning Assessment Office at 905-575-2395 or from Brantford, 519-759-7200, ext. 2395.

Admission Appeal Procedure

Mohawk College provides a method for the review of admissions decisions made by the College for all programs offered by the College in accordance with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) guidelines. Applicants who are refused admission can do the following:

Obtain the specific reason for this refusal by putting such a request in writing to the attention of the Associate Registrar, Admissions
The Associate Registrar, Admissions, or appropriate designate, will investigate the circumstances and will provide a detailed written summary of the reasons for non-admittance within a reasonable time frame, in consultation with the program/course department as required
Where the written explanation is not satisfactory to the applicant:

The applicant may request a review by the College Admissions Review Board by submitting a request in writing to the Registrar
The Admissions Review Board will be convened and chaired by the Registrar.
The applicant requesting the review will be notified by the Registrar of the date, time and location of the meeting and may present arguments to support his/her request in writing or in person
Based upon this review, the Registrar will communicate a decision to the applicant, including pertinent supporting rationale
The decision of the Admissions Review Board will be final and binding.

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