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Meritus University
Fredericton, Canada


University description (as per official university website)

Meritus University is Canada’s newest, fully online university, offering business and information technology undergraduate and masters degree programs for students worldwide.

The University provides a global, mobile, innovative, and highly competitive educational format, giving students flexible options that fit today’s global workplace and suit today's diverse lifestyle.

Meritus University is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apollo NB Holding Company, which in turn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apollo Group, Inc.
Who is Apollo Group?

Apollo Group, Inc. has been an education provider for more than 30 years, granting academic access and opportunity to students through its University of Phoenix, Institute for Professional Development, College for Financial Planning, Western International University, Insight Schools and Apollo Global. It also owns Aptimus, a provider of innovative digital media solutions. The Company's distinctive educational programs and services are provided at the high school, postsecondary undergraduate and graduate levels in 40 US states (as of February 29, 2008) and the District of Columbia; Puerto Rico; Canada; Mexico and Chile; the Netherlands, as well as online throughout the world.
How did Meritus University qualify for Canadian approval?

Following review of program proposals by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission, Meritus University has received approval to offer its first three programs from the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, thereby establishing degree-granting status.

Application for programmatic approval was submitted to the New Brunswick Department of Post-secondary Education, Training and Labour on September 12, 2006. The proposed degree programs underwent an in-depth academic assessment by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission which, in the case of private education, reports its findings to the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour. On May 1, 2008 approval to offer the Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration and the Bachelor of Information Technology Management in all modalities, face-to-face, blended and online, was granted. Source: Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour Post-Secondary Affairs, Fredericton NB
What is the origin of "Meritus"?

The name Meritus comes from the Latin verb to deserve, a fitting way to describe everyone's right to educational advancement.
Who Meritus University serves?

Meritus University serves working professionals in Canada and worldwide.
Why Canada?

Canada has a projected shortage of highly skilled workers, which is expected to outpace supply by 2016, if education levels remain as they are. (Source:

Canadian degrees are "well regarded" in business, government and academic circles globally – and Canada is an international leader in computer and information technologies.

Canadians are leaders in their use of the Internet: in March 2008 this amounted to 84.3 percent of the population (source: Canadians’ use of the Internet ranks as the highest worldwide with an average of 40 hours per week online. Internet world (Stats,

Canada also has one of the highest broadband penetration rates in the world; it was one of the first countries to ensure that all libraries and schools were connected to the Internet. (Stats: comScore)
Is there a need in Canada for additional higher education institutes?

Today, 70% of jobs in Canada require a post-secondary education credential, but only 40% of Canadians pursue higher learning. (Stats: comScore)

Through Meritus University's online education curriculum, this gap can be narrowed. By creating a mobile, global and innovative university, we hope to graduate highly qualified adult professionals into the workforce and position Canadians for global competition.
Is there a demand for online education in Canada?

In a general survey of Canada’s business community:

* 92% said they would consider online education.
* 96% confirmed that pursuing an educational degree, which enables them to maintain their current working schedule, appeals to them.
* 88% of employers would hire an employee with an online degree.
* 52% of the business community believes that the value of an online education is equivalent to that of the traditional system.
* 98% of employers would encourage their employees to upgrade their education through online learning.
* 48% of business professionals were interested in completing a Master’s degree; 36% were interested in completing an undergraduate degree.

(Source: Dicomm Media)
Why would Canadian working-professionals choose Meritus University?

Meritus University brings together rigorous, industry-relevant programs and the opportunity to learn from working faculty, many of whom have influential roles with established Canadian employers. Meritus University offers students:

* Programs designed with Canadian content and context, which can benefit Canadian and international students alike.
* Rigorous, proven curriculum designed to teach the skills HR directors in Canada have identified as key.
* Opportunity to learn from both international and Canadian faculty who hold management positions in Canadian companies across Canada.
* Small class size offering a robust, highly-interactive learning experience.
* An extensive online library.
* 24/7 voice-to-voice technical support.

What does Meritus offer international students?

Unlike other Canadian institutions, we do not charge international students an international tuition rate; international students pay local tuition rates.

Meritus degrees are completed fully online, so there are none of the costs and complexities of travel and housing. Working professionals overseas need not take time out from their careers, or time away from their families, to gain a high quality international education.

The skills and knowledge sought by Canadian employers are in equal demand elsewhere around the world. The programs we have developed to meet this demand reflect the global economy we live in.
How are programs offered?

* Graduate courses are taken one at a time for six weeks.
* Undergraduate courses are taken two at a time for 10 weeks.

(For international media) What quality assurance mechanisms exist for Canadian Higher Education?

Canada does not have a system of institutional accreditation. Canadian universities derive their authority from provincial legislation. In each of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories, legislation is used to a greater or lesser extent by governments to establish, govern, recognize and ensure the quality of post secondary education.

The mandate of the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission has application in New Brunswick, (as well as Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). The statute establishing the commission provides it with responsibility for: a) reviewing all new program and program modification proposals from public universities; and b) monitoring public institutions’ quality assurance mechanisms. MPHEC is directly accountable to the Council of Maritime Premiers. With respect to private institutions, the MPHEC reviews program and institutional quality as a service for the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour. Private universities are subject to periodic institutional reviews determined by the government of New Brunswick.

Sources: Council of Ministers of Education, Canada. Education in Canada.,
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, Overview of Provincial and Regional Quality Assurance Mechanisms in Canadian Higher Education. Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials,
Meritus University Quick Facts:

Meritus University currently offers three degree programs:

* Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
* Bachelor of Information Technology Management (BITM)
* Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Meritus University's degree programs are offered in a 100 percent online modality.

Graduate courses are taken one at a time for six weeks; Undergraduate courses are taken two at a time for 10 weeks.

Unlike other Canadian institutions, we do not charge international students an international tuition rate; international students pay local tuition rates.

New program start dates occur on the last Tuesday of each month.

The majority of faculty are Canadian.

Meritus University welcomes applicants, of all nationalities, from all over the world.
Undergraduate Students

If you’re applying for the BBA and BITM programs, you must meet the following admission requirements:

* High school graduation or G.E.D. certificate.
* Aminimum equivalent of one (1) year of full-time, post-high school workexperience with exposure to organizational systems and managementprocesses is required OR a cumulative minimum High School G.P.A. of 2.0(or foreign equivalent).
* All applicants must currently beemployed or have access to a suitable work environment for thecompletion of course assignments.

Graduate Students

If you’re applying for the MBA program, you must meet the following admission requirements:

* An undergraduate degree or a comparable equivalent from a provincially recognized institution of higher education in Canada, or a 3-year Applied degree from a provincially accredited college, or a foreign institution recognized/accredited by that country’s Ministry or Department of Education.
* A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on the undergraduate degree posted transcript.
* A minimum equivalent of two (2) years of full-time, post high school work experience with exposure to organizational systems and management processes.
* All applicants must currently be employed or have access to a suitable work environment for the completion of course assignments.

Canadian Students

Meritus welcomes applications from residents of New Brunswick, as well as residents from other Canadian provinces and territories. Canadian applicants are required to meet the following minimum requirements and must also meet, if applicable, subject-specific requirements for their chosen program.

* A completed and signed application
* A signed Enrolment/Disclosure agreement
* Demonstration of English proficiency
* Students residing in Canada must meet one of the following requirements:
i. Be a legal resident of Canada
ii. Be a landed immigrant
iii. Have a valid visa that does not prohibit educational studies

International Students

Meritus University welcomes all students, including those that live outside of Canada and who may have earned course credits at other institutions.

Scholarships section: Scholarships website section
Scholarships email:

   Scholarships and grants for international students @ Meritus University

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