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Northwest Community College
British Columbia, Canada


University description (as per official university website)

General Information

Student Responsibilities
Students are responsible reading and adhering to the Student Code of Conduct policy which can be found under Educational Policies and Procedures..
Students are encouraged to seek advice from an Education Advisor prior to selecting a program or courses.
Students are responsible for informing themselves of the College's procedures and policies and the specific requirements associated with the degree, diploma, certificate sought.
Students must ensure that program requirements and transferability requirements are met.
Students are responsible for the completion and accuracy of their registration.
Students are responsible for paying fees by the due date.
Students will receive credit only for courses in which they have registered and have paid for.
Students are responsible for notifying the Registration office of any course changes, withdrawals or additions.
Students are responsible for notifying the Registration office of any name or address change.
Students are responsible for attending all scheduled lectures, labs, field trips, examinations, tutorials, etc.
Credentials - Certificates, Diplomas and Associate Degrees

Northwest Community College certificates are awarded on successful completion of credit programs of one year of full-time study, or less. Diplomas and Associate Degrees are awarded on successful completion of the equivalent of four semesters or two years of full-time study in Career or University Credit programs. Students must apply to receive a Certificate, Diploma or Associate Degree.

Download the application form to receive a Certificate, Diploma or Associate Degree

Students should consult with the program coordinator/academic head or an Educational Advisor for details.

Change of Address

In order to ensure that transcripts, tax forms and other mailings reach students in a timely manner, all changes of address should be reported by the student. A "Change Notice Form" is available for this purpose. Change of address may also be done online at NW Connect.

Change of Name

A student who wishes to change his or her name on their student record must advise the College and provide official documentation of the change (i.e. copy of marriage certificate).


Information collected and maintained as part of the student record is collected under the authority of the Colleges and Institutes Act. Northwest Community College gathers and maintains information used for the purposes of admission, registration and other fundamental activities related to being a member of the Northwest Community College community and attending a public post-secondary institution in the province of British Columbia.

All official permanent student records are kept in the Office of the Registrar. In signing an application for admission the student is advised that NWCC treats all student records with confidentiality, in accordance with the Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy Act and will not release information without the student's written consent except under the following circumstances or conditions:

Information on students may be disclosed without consent of the student to designated College officials deemed to have legitimate educational interest.
Information will be released without student consent to persons in compliance with a judicial order or subpoena, or as required by federal or provincial legislation.
Information will be released without student consent in an emergency, if the knowledge of that information is required to protect the health or safety of the student or other persons.
In all other cases, information on students will be released to third parties only at the written request of the student.

Distance Education

NWCC provides students with convenient and flexible distance delivery options. Delivery methods include online, teleconference and videoconference.

NW Connect

Northwest Connect is a quick, convenient online access to:
Class schedules
Self-service student registration
Easy-to-use online payment and deposit options
Course offerings
Wait-list management
Account balance inquiry
Transcript requests
Transcript/Grade inquiry
Outstanding Charges

It is expected that students will meet their financial responsibilities to the College by paying all required tuition and service fees. Students who have outstanding debts to the College will not be considered for readmission nor will the College issue any official transcripts, certificates, diplomas or associate degrees until all outstanding debt has been paid. Any refund of fees or deposits will first be applied to outstanding debts to the College.
Personal Medical Insurance

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that he or she is adequately covered under one of the available Medical Insurance Programs in British Columbia. The College cannot be held responsible for medical or hospital costs incurred by students who have failed to maintain their own coverage. Information and application forms for medical insurance are available through each College Campus.

Students in some vocational programs are covered for certain benefits under the College's Workers Compensation coverage. This benefit is limited to rehabilitation costs and does not cover hospital and medical costs that would otherwise be covered by a provincial medical plan.

Student Association

The Student Association plays a major role in the activities that take place at each campus. Students are encouraged to share their experience and expertise in these areas, and are invited to come forward with their suggestions for recreational programs and events. Anyone interested in events happening should contact their Student Association representative.


Students who apply for admission to post-secondary institutions are generally required to provide official transcripts from all previously attended institutions. Students may request a NWCC Official Transcript online or at the registration desk of any NWCC campus. There is a processing fee of $5 for each transcript requested. Official transcripts will not be processed for students who have outstanding debts to the College.

Unofficial transcripts may be accessed by the student online free-of-charge.


WorkSafeBC coverage is in place for all students while participating in a required practicum at a recognized work site and during classroom/lab/shop instruction for student apprentices only.

Scholarships section: Scholarships website section
Scholarships email:

   Scholarships and grants for international students @ Northwest Community College

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Global Network of Community Volunteers

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International Fee Remission

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