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Forum of Azerbaijani Students in Europe

Forum of Azerbaijani Students in Europe

Water has no constant form unless you freeze it. When liquid, it can independently make its way to reach open waters. That is the feature we think the Azerbaijani youth does have. Yet two things have to be kept in mind: first, not to get frozen or get too hot and the second, make the way right. Due to the changing nature of youth dynamics – be it creative or devastative – it is not enough to make the way right. Furthermore, it is crucial to choose the RIGHT WAY.

The ability of making the right way lies in our IMAGE. As we are getting together why not to define the image we would like to have in the world. THE IMAGE IS EVERYTHING. This is not something we can afford depending on resources available but is the image we WANT to have and must strive for.

The desired image is to be built upon the effects that every THINKER (every FASE participant) is able to create. Having said that, it is more appropriate creating EFFECTS than organizations. Nevertheless, organizational models are not ignored and are still relevant for representation purposes. These effects could shape the behaviour or actions of our friends and others. Therefore, the methods for developing individual skills for creating effects are to be worked out.

NETWORKING is an efficient tool for dealing with effects and organizing them in a harmonic, comprehensive and synergetic way. Here, the networking is a tool of systematic approach and not an approach itself. Networking should not only include THINKERS, but also cover people of our interest.

In order to avoid the misperception of the Forum’s nature, it would be proper to state that we are not going to create a new space, but filling gaps in a systematic way. Our system is not visible; it is the way people UNDERSTAND it.

We have to create “new stream of thought” and introduce new trends in the life of our young people. Our way of thinking will unite us and consolidate our self-esteem. We are not indifferent to our future, because it belongs to us. We are the face (FASE) of our country. And it is our MISSION to shape its profile in the world.

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